Mastering Spring Onion Stardew Valley: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you’re bored, you can always go foraging in the Cindersap Forest. On occasion, you’ll come across intriguing objects that aid in your quest for wealth and assignment completion. If you locate Spring Onion Stardew Valley, you may use them to make a little money and regain some of your health.

In this guidebook, you may learn more about its benefits, uses, and other things.

Finding Spring Onions

spring onion stardew

  1. Unlike other foraging items in the game, Spring Onions are exclusive to Cindersap Forest, especially the southeast corner near the sewers entrance.
  2. Travel south until you discover the little wooden bridges going to the island, shown on the map below, whether you enter from the agricultural side or via Pelican Town at the eastern entrance.
  3. You must visit this location to get Spring Onions since they only spawn here and aren’t found in any other part of Stardew Valley.
  4. Once you get to this island, you shouldn’t have any problem locating a handful (or a bunch) of spring onions.
  5. Spring Onions are unique to the spring season, as you could have guessed from their name.
  6. The Traveling Cart is an excellent place to look if you ever need a few Spring Onions during other seasons since you may be able to get them there for 100g to 1000g.

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Spring Onion Uses

Selling or Consuming

Even while Spring Onions aren’t as profitable as other foraging products, they might provide an early financial boost.

As an alternative, you may always choose to utilize them to regain some health and energy.

You may sell them for the following sum, along with the amount of energy and health that they replenish:

QualityPrice (Mastery x5)EnergyHealth
Iridium16g (80g)+33+14
Gold12g (60g)+23+10
Silver10g (50g)+18+8
Base8g (40g)+13+5


Only Leah, Harvey, & Linus will want to receive Spring Onions as a present from the other villagers, and none of them will enjoy them.

They are a fantastic, readily available tool to increase your social life!


One of the choices to finish the redesigned Spring Foraging Bundle at the Community Center’s Crafts Room is Spring Onions.


Later in the game, you can also use the sewing machine to create a fantastic spring shirt by sewing together a piece of cloth and a spring onion.

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Tips for Efficient Spring Onion Farming

  • The time is right: Spring Onions can be found mainly during the Spring season in Stardew Valley. Make careful to concentrate your efforts during this time for optimal production.
  • Explore numerous locations: Search for Spring Onions in several locales, such as the Forest, Cindersap Forest, or the Secret Woods. Each place may contain hidden patches waiting to be revealed.
  • Regular check-ins: Spring Onions respawn every day, so make it a point to visit various spots periodically to get a new crop. Keep track of the respawn duration to improve your farming practice.
  • Optimize resource usage: Use the Hoe to plow the soil areas, improving the odds of locating hidden Spring Onions. Clear any weeds with a Scythe to provide easy access to the spots.
  • Strategic preservation and usage: Make Spring Onions into Spring Onion Syrup using the Tapper for added profit. Preserve some unharvested Spring Onions to enable them to grow back for future harvests. Explore culinary methods and possible pickle choices to make the most of your Spring Onion crop.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Who likes Spring Onion stardew?

For their foraging potential and as a rapid source of energy, spring onions are a favorite among Stardew Valley gamers.

Q2. How do you harvest Spring Onion Stardew?

Simply approach Spring Onions in Stardew Valley and left-click to collect them.

Q3. Does spring onion regrow after cutting?

Like herbs, spring onions are simple to cultivate at home and maybe chopped as needed. You only need a container, some potting soil, and a bundle of spring onions from the grocery store. Remove the spring onions’ roots by two to three centimeters.

Q4. What is the highest selling crop in Stardew spring?

Strawberries are by far the most superior spring harvest! At the Spring Egg Festival, they were priced at 100 gold. Players should buy many of these seeds to get the most out of them and save them for the following spring season.

They may be harvested and sold for anywhere between 120 and 240 gold, depending on the quality.

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