How To Catch Octopus Stardew Valley: An Updated guide

The octopus is a fish that can be caught at The Beach, on the Beach Farm, or in the ocean off Ginger Island West at any time of year.

Octopi, which have a difficulty rating of 95, are the most difficult fish to capture in the game besides the Legendary Fish. Another distinguishing feature of octopi is that, like stonefish, they can only be consumed when included in a dish.

This article will tell you all about catching octopus in the game. Lets get started!

Where To Find An Octopus

Both the beach in Pelican Town and the ocean off Ginger Island are good places to catch octopii. It must be the summertime, in any weather, and only between the hours of 6 AM and 1 PM in order to freely catch an octopus at the beach. Across the stone bridge, right south of Pelican Town, is where you’ll find the beach.

The only other occasion an octopus can be naturally captured on the beach is during the Winter Night Market, which is held from January 15 through January 17. On the deep-sea submarine journey during that time, there is an extremely slim (2.2% percent) chance of hooking an octopus.

Outside of these times and seasons, magic bait is the only way to catch an octopus.

How To Get An Octopus On Bait 

octopus stardew

Here is all you need to know how to catch octopus stardew.

Even once all the prerequisites are satisfied, there is only a 4-11% chance of hooking an octopus on the beach and a 5-18% chance of doing so on Ginger island. Increase your odds of successfully reeling in octopi the first time because they can be challenging to locate and catch. Use the Iridium fishing pole, bait, and either the cork or trap bobber to do this.

If you are struggling to catch an octopus through bait,there are other methods besides fishing to get an octopus. Throughout Pelican Town in the summer, you can find them inside trash cans. Additionally, you can purchase them from the Travelling Cart for 450 to 1,000 gold each.

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What To Do With An Octopus

In the Community Centre, Octopi can only be used for one bundle: The Master Fisher’s Bundle in the Fish Tank (remixed). North of Pierre’s General Store is where you’ll find the Community Centre. One serving of meal O’ The Sea, a meal that is very tasty because it boosts your fishing skill (+3), is the reward for completing this bundle.


octopus stardew

The use of an octopus is required for a few quests.

During the summer, there is a chance that a random octopus request will appear on the Help Wanted board. The calendar and this board are both displayed on the front of Pierre’s General Store.

This request can be completed for 450 gold and 150 friendship points. Additionally, Willy or Demetrius can post a request for 1-4 octopi with a reward of 150g on the Help Wanted board during the summer. The drawback of this quest is that, once you complete it, you get to keep the fish.

However it is important to note that none of the characters like any particular Octopus recipes.

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Crafting is the other name for octopus recepies. may be used to make three fundamental dishes: sashimi, quality fertiliser, and maki rolls.

However, all of these dishes can be made with any fish found in the game that you can obtain through fishing , and it’s crucial to remember that Sashimi is much more affordable than buying just the mollusc itself.

Name Uses
Maki Roll Fish and rice wrapped in seaweed.
Quality Fertiliser Helps in improving soil quality
Sashimi Raw fish sliced

Frequently Asked Questions-

Ques1- What are the tips for catching octopus in Stardew Valley?

Here are a few tips. Even in comparison to Legendary Fish, it is very challenging to catch this fish. It is more difficult because there are very slim odds of hooking a stardew valley octopus and a small window of time to catch it.

Ques2- What is the best bait to catch octopus?

The magic bait is the best to catch octopus in octopus stardew valley

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