The Value Of Stardew Valley Diamond: Location, Uses And Selling

Stardew valley diamond are rare gems. They are mainly found in the Diamond nodes. If you have them with you in the game and plan to sell them, you’re going to be rich. In Stardew Valley the diamonds come at a sell price of 750 or 975 gold coins depending on your profession.

If you are overwhelmed with all this information, don’t worry! We will explain everything in this blog. 

Where To Find Diamonds In Stardew Valley?

Diamonds in Stardew Valley are minerals. So, the most obvious place to find them is the mines. They can be found in the mines’ diamond nodes from floors above 50. Other than that, you can also find the diamonds in the Gem’s node on any floor of the mines.

You can also find the diamonds by panning the waterbodies or by completing the fishing treasure chests. These precious stones in the game are also found in the Ice Pip or the Stonefish fish pond after the population touches 9.

How do you get diamonds in Stardew Valley other than the places mentioned above? The bottom of the mines is the best place to look for diamonds.

You can check the garbage cans at the bottom. The monsters often drop the diamonds after reaching the bottom of the mines. The red, purple, copper, iron Slime or a Duggy are famous for dropping diamonds. There is a 0.1% chance you find diamonds dropped by the Wilderness Goelm Monster.

Did I mention that you can make diamonds on your own? Yes, if you have Crystalarium you can make diamonds on your farm.

More details on exploring diamonds in Stardew Valley are in a lost book named ‘A Study on Diamond Yields’.

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Make The Best Use Of Diamonds In Stardew Valley

stardew valley diamondConsider yourself lucky if you have diamonds with you in the game. This is probably the most valuable gem duplicate in the Crystalarium. We will give you a list of ways you can use these gems in Stardew Valley:

A Great Gifting Item

Diamonds in Stardew Valley are either loved or liked by the villagers (NPC). Let’s see who loves diamonds in Stardew Valley:

Gus, Willy, Marnie, Evelyn, Maru, Penny, Krobus, and Jodi.

In case you are wondering who likes diamonds in Stardew Valley, here are the names:

Robin, Abigail, Alex, Caroline, Clint, Pierre, Demetrius, Elliott, Emily, Lewis, George, Haley, Harvey, Jas, Kent, Leah, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sam, Sandy, Sebastian, Shane, Vincent, Wizard and Dwarf. 

The Recipes With Diamonds

Specific recipes in Stardew Valley need diamonds. For example, for creating fairy dust you will need diamonds as one of the ingredients.

Let’s give you the details in the form of a table so that you can understand better:

Name Description Source of Recipe Selling Price Earned
Fairy Dust You need to sprinkle on Kegs, furnaces and other refining elements to get their products immediately ‘The Pirate’s Wife’ quest 500 gold coins
Ring of Yoba It protects the wearer occasionally from damage Combat Level 7 750 gold coins
Geode Crusher Automatically opens Geodes. But it needs coal to function Clint It cannot be sold


After you reach the 40th floor in the mines, you can be randomly asked for diamonds at the “Help Wanted” board hung outside Pierre’s General Store for a reward of  2,250 gold coins and 150 friendship points.

You can also come across requests for diamonds in the Fish Pond quests.


To complete the Treasure Hunter’s bundle in the remixed Boiler Room you can use a diamond as an option.

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If you are looking for a random upgrade to a melee weapon, diamonds can give you so at the forge.


You can sew a pendant shirt using diamonds and can dye it.

Other Uses

You can get a Triple Shot Espresso from the Desert Trader in Calico Desert for a diamond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1- What is the best thing to do with a diamond in Stardew Valley?

I believe the best thing to do with a diamond in Stardew Valley is to create duplicates with Crystaleriums. As you know, this is the best mineral to duplicate Crystaleriums offering the most money.

Ques2- Is it worth selling diamond Stardew Valley?

In case you don’t need the diamonds for anything, you can sell them to earn some cash. Otherwise, keep them with you for gifting purposes, it will boost your friendship ratings.

If you want to sell them and are curious about how much is a diamond worth in Stardew Valley? You can get a price of 750 gold coins normally or 975 gold coins if you are a gemologist.

Ques3- Should I donate my first diamond to Stardew Valley?

Many professional gamers like to keep a copy of these precious stones they receive. They can be used to complete the bundles or get through the quests later.

So, you should try to duplicate the diamonds using Crystalarium and donate the first one to the museum. You can get prizes for donating along the way to a full collection.

Ques4- What is the best way to farm diamonds?

Using Crystalarium is the best way to farm diamonds. You can farm them in any season; the best part is that Crystalarium is free.

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