Jodi Stardew Valley: Everything You Need to Know

Jodi in Stardew Valley is merely a villager. Generally, the dwelling place of Jodi is Pelican Town. Jodi in Stardew Valley is considered quite a loving and responsible mother. Befriending Jodi is also quite easy in Stardew Valley. 

Do you, as a player, want to be friends with every dweller in Stardew Valley? Better begin with Jodi. Though Jodi is a good mother, she always talks about her lack of freedom. So, in this article, the readers will learn about Jodi’s family and relationship, schedules, likes, and dislikes. 

Birthday: Fall 11

Home Location: Willow Lane, 1

Family: Kent (Spouse), Vincent (Son), Sam (Son)

Friends: Caroline

Clinic Visit: Spring 11

Profession: Housewife

Marriage: No

Family And Relationship:

Jodi has a happy family. Kent is Jodi’s husband in Stardew Valley. She is the mother of Vicent and Sam. Her husband, Kent will come back from war in the Spring season. Apart from her family, Caroline is a good friend of Jodi. 

If you will become friends with Jodi, she can tell you anything. For example, Jodi can tell Caroline anything. 

Jodi In Stardew Valley- Her Likes And Dislikes

So, if you want to be good friends with Jodi, you should be aware of her likes and dislike. Therefore, here we present the table that tells you her favorites.


Do you want to know the full schedule of Jodi? Here it is-

  • When you unlock the Beach Resort on Ginger Island, Jodi will spend the day on the island. 
  • She will leave the island at 6 P.M. 
  • After that, she will instantly return home and go to sleep.
  • You will never find Jodi visiting the resort on the occasion of Festivals.
  • Also, Jodi will never go to the Resort on her check-up days at Harvey’s Clinic. 
  • On the other hand, Jodi will not visit the island resort on the check-up day of Vicent. 
Jodi’s Loved GiftsJodi’s Liked GiftsJodi’s Disliked GiftJodi’s Hatred Gifts
Rabbit’s FoodDiamondChocolate CakeCrispy BassEggplant ParmesanFried EelPancakesRhubarb PieVegetable MedleyGolden PumpkinMagic Rock CandyPearlPrismatic ShardWild PlumBlackberryEarth CrystalCactus FruitCoconutSweet PeaSalmonberryCrocusFiddlehead FernFire QuartzFrozen TearGrapeGoat MilkDuck EggMilkEggAncient FruitCranberriesTomatoCave CarrotHazelnutMorelOysterLeekSnow YamMagma CapGarlicHollyOilOak ResinTilapiaAlbacoreVoid SalmonRiceLionfishLobsterSpice BerrySea UrchinSnailStrange BunRed MushroomCarpSeafoam PuddingPoppySugarDaffodil

Heart Events:

You, as a player of Stardew Valley, can only unlock Heart Events when you obtain enough friendship hearts after befriending Jodi. 

No. Of HeartsEvents
>0 Friendship PointsIn this event, you can get Basic Retailing Soil, Quality Fertilizer, and Quantity Fertilizer
2At this level, you will see Jodi’s room. 
3At this level, a fried Calamari will be sent to you by Jodi. she won this plate after winning a cooking competition. 
4From 6 A.M. to 9.30 A.M., you will see Jodi at doorstep. 
7You will obtain another recipe of Ice Cream from Jodi. 


  • Jodi’s Request: Jodi will ask you to get a Culliflower through the mail. When you finish this quest, you, as a player, will get a heart and 350g as rewards.
  • Fish Cassarole: You will have to get Jodi a Largemouth Bass in your four hearts event.
  • Jodi’s Random Request: When you fulfill all random requests for Jodi, you can win 150 Friendship points. Also, you can obtain valuable gold. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1:How do you trigger Jodi’s 10 heart events?

Ans:You, as a player, must turn on mature events to trigger Jodi’s 10 heart event. 

Q2:Who is the easiest girlfriend in Stardew Valley?

Ans:Leah is considered the easiest girlfriend in Stardew Valley. She loves forged items. 

Q3:What is a good gift for Jodi in Stardew Valley?


  • Rabbit’s Food
  • Diamond
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Crispy Bass
  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Fried Eel


So, here is everything Jodi that we have discussed in this article. So, be prepared and befriend Jodi to progress in the game, Stardew Valley. All the best!

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