A Guide To Use Limit Break In Final Fantasy FFXIV- Everything About Limit Breaks

How to use Limit Break FFXIV? This is one of the frequently asked questions of the Final Fantasy players. If someone is a regular player of Final Fantasy XIV, he or she will definitely know that Limit Break is one of the coolest features of Final Fantasy XIV, the popular action role play video game.

Being a party action, you can only access to it to the non-limited battle disciplines. If you are a party of four of more than that, you have to access to the limit gauge.

Meanwhile, in the course of the battle, it will be filled slowly and when it will be filled with energy, you, as a player can use the energy to enable limit breaks.

If you are new to the game and you are reading this article, you are going right. Here I will give you a complete guide about how to limit break FFXIV. So, I suggest you to go through the article to end.

Let’s start.  

Limit Break In Final Fantasy XIV- How To Use Limit Break FFXIV Reddit

In order to activate and use the limit break, you have to understand its mechanism first. It is a fact that Final fantasy XIV is not a game for the single players.

Therefore, it is obvious that in Final Fantasy XIV, limit break is for all. Here a question might arise: in FFXIV, is limit break shared or not?

Well, in Final Fantasy 14, the entire group can share only 1 limit break bar, which means if someone uses it, the other members of the party have to lose it.

Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy XIV makes the game fairly easy, especially when it comes to the dungeons. You can use it as a heroic charge against the boss in FFXIV Haukke Manor. Beside this you are able to use it other complicated attacks, curing a low health alley, tanking damage and others.

How to use Limit Break FFXIV
How To Use Limit Break PC

If you are in search of FFXIV limit break icon, you will be able to find it out at the top the user interface. If you are sure that you need a limit break charge at a point of combat, you need to go to the icon.

  • At first, you need to move to ‘Character’ menu.
  • Now, choose ‘actions and Traits’ under ‘General Tab’.

Remember that you need to be equipped with some special requirements to activate the Limit break.

FFXIV: How To Use Limit Break PC

If you have made a party, or entered a dungeon, you will be able to see the limit break gauge in a particular HUD place.

You can avail the Limit Break depending upon two things- the type of duty and sometimes, the amount of progress you have come across. It looks something like this:

  • 1 bar and 2 for the boss in the dungeon.
  • 2 bars for 4 player trial
  • 3 bars for 8 player trial
  • 3 bars for standard raid
  • 2 bars and 3 for bosses in Alliance Raid.

As for the raids, you will experience either several stop gapped phases, or several bosses. The limit break will be reset after every phase or at times where a new boss is commenced. But, it the dungeons, the limit break bar will be carried ever.

If you want to know how to use limit break FFXIV ps4, you just have to choose the ‘Confirm’ button once you have set the target.

Equipping Multiple Limit Breaks

During the course of the battle, you can equip latest limit breaks. Here is how to equip limit break FFXIV.

At Chapter 9, you have to experiencer an encounter, Corneo Coliseum. You have to finish the main tournament there and then more arena challenges will be opened to you.

It is better for you to take the challenges which are character specific. After finishing them, you can unlock the legacy items.

This is how you can equip different limit breaks.

FFXIV Limit Break Damage Calculation

The damage which is caused by the limit breaks are not magical or physical damage. But, they have their own kind of damage. However, it is a relief that the damage which is caused by limit break charges are not direct or critical.

Also, these damages will not be affected by any other damage that is caused by the players. Buy, it can be affected by the factors from outside.  For an example, I can say that the environment or the enemy-made effects can affect the damage.

As for FFXIV limit break priority, it is common rule that you can lose priority when the targets gets 2 or more than that.

How To Use Limit Break PC
FFXIV Limit Break Damage Calculation

Final Fantasy XIV: Dragoon Limit Break

You will be able to find it at limit break level 3 for Dragoon. It has a potentiality of 9000’” Rox. You can execute an attack of single target with Dragoon Limit Break. But, you have to keep in mind that your party can use only 1 limit break at a time in level 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I Use Limit Break In FF14?

While you are playing Final Fantasy 14 and you are in a condition where you are not able to charge any bar, you can use limit break. Besides, you can save limit breaks for killing while playing Final Fantasy, when there is limit break 3 in your collection.

How Do You Use Limit Break In FF7?

At first, you, as a player of Final Fantasy, have to access the limit gauge. The gauge will be slowly filled during the battle in the game.

Once the gauge is filled with energy, you have to move to the command menu. Then you need to select the option ‘Limit Break’ to use the Limit break.

How Do You Unlock Limit Breaks?

You will see 4 levels in Limit Break. In order to unlock the 2nd level, you, as a player have to begin with the

Level 1. You need to use the 1st one for eight times if you want to unlock the 2nd level. You have to encounter 80 enemies in order to unlock the level 2. After that, just do the process again to get the next Limit breaks.

In order to reach the level 4, you have to gather 6 limit breaks as a character. You can unlock the level 4 when you finish a quest for an item.

To Sum It Up

Limit Break is one of the coolest features in Final Fantasy 14. Limit Breaks help the players a lot. Especially, with Limit Breaks, you can make the dungeons much easier. Besides, unlocking and using Limit Break in Final Fantasy is quite simple. So, go ahead and play without any hassle. All the best.  

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