Fallout 4 – Effective Tricks To Get More Settlers In Your Settlements

Hey there! Are you a game lover? I am sure if you are one, then you must have heard of the world-famous how to get more settlers fallout 4!

One thing is common in all the Fallout 4 players. That is, they all are fans of the exciting feature of the game called Settlers!

Settlers help in Settlements in the game Fallout 4. Settlements are an easy way to get all work done easily! But you can only do this if you have enough settlers. But it takes too much time to get more settlers, which I am sure you do not want!

But hello! I have good news for you! There are a few excellent tricks that you can use and get more settlers within a few seconds!

Excited? Wanna know how? Just relax! Because here you will know everything about how to get more Settlers in Fallout 4!

How To Get More Settlers In Fallout 4 – Reddit

Fallout 4 – Effective Tricks To Get More Settlers In Your Settlements
How To Get More Settlers In Fallout 4 – Reddit

In order to get more Settlers, you need to fill up all the resources of yours.

Let me tell you about all the resources one by one.


Food is one of the most essential resources of the virtual world of the game Fallout 4, just like our real world! More food means more people here in the game.

Plant food, and assign a worker to look after it, so that you can show it as a resource in the Workshop menu. To assign a worker, you need to use a Settler!

Just click on a settler after opening the Workshop menu, see where you can use him, and command him for harvesting food, use him as a guard on the posts, or make him work for you at the workstations.


Some things never change, no matter whether it is a game or the real world. The next essential resource for you in the game Fallout 4 is Water, just like the real world!

Having enough water is the second key to getting settlers.

Radio Beacon Recruitment

Get a generator, a power pylon connector, and a recruitment beacon; put the generator wherever you want, but the power pylon connector and the recruitment beacon close to.

it uses the triangle on the power pylon in order to connect its wire with the generator as well as the recruitment beacon.

Just after you connect the wire, the beacon will turn on automatically.


This is used more to keep the settlers alive than getting more settlers. A raid could come out of the blue anytime on any of your camps, and you have to defend your camps.

You can put turrets and traps, and assign guard posts to increase the security of the camps. This will enrich the defense of the settlements.


Remind this term, Abed, per head. That means, if you have 10 settlers, you need to arrange 10 beds. Because our settlers don’t share their beds!

Jokes apart, it is always a better idea to keep extra beds in stock so that you can give them to the new settlers who will come to join you!

Fallout 4 – How To Recruit Settlers

Fallout 4 – Effective Tricks To Get More Settlers In Your Settlements
Fallout 4 – How To Recruit Settlers

Do you want to recruit settlers? Then setting up and activating the Recruitment Radio Beacon is the key to it!

Get yourself a recruitment beacon, a power pylon connector, and a generator. Put the power pylon near the generator and the recruitment beacon, and connect its wire with the beacon and the generator.

It will be turned on automatically, and you can recruit settlers!

Fallout 4 – How To Increase Settlement Population

There are three easy ways using which you can increase the Settlement Population. Those are –

  • Poaching

Open Other Settlements > Construction Mode and choose to Move in the settler and move them to the desired settlement, i.e. the settlement you want to increase in population.

  • Building Automatrons

This will increase the settler limit and you can build as many as you want to.

  • Send your recruit-able followers to other settlements

You can always send your followers to any of your settlements.

Fallout 4 – Move Settlers

  • Open Workshop Menu.
  • Choose the settler you want to move.
  • From the bottom command menu, choose the option Move.
  • Select the settlement in which you want to move that particular settler.

N.B. – Do not move a settler to a settlement unless you are sure that there are enough resources.

Fallout 4 – Population Limit

Have you ever wondered that in Fallout 4, how many settlers can you have?

The default number of maximum population in a settlement is 10, along with every single point of the Charisma of the character. Now, this has a base of a maximum of 22.

But you can factor in more charisma from consumables and armors.

Fallout 4 – Settlement Map

Like the previous versions of the game, Fallout 4 has a map of the Commonwealth too. This is basically a top-down view map showing you all the quest targets.

Fallout 4 – Home Plate

Fallout 4 – Effective Tricks To Get More Settlers In Your Settlements
Fallout 4 – Home Plate

In Fallout 4, the Home Plate is nothing but a junk item. It is a baseball base with 5 sides, placed right at the point from exactly where the batter starts. It creates a rectangle along with a triangular point.

There are 6 Home Plates at BADTFL regional office, Boston Mayoral Shelter, Moe Cronin’s House, Suffolk Country Charter School, Vault 75’ Reactor Room, and in a Warehouse in Goodneighbor.

Fallout 4 – Settlement Defense

Settlement Defense is essential to protect your camps from raids. Defense of settlements in the game Fallout 4 measures the approx.

improvements in defensive units. The improvements can come from fortifications, autonomous turrets, etc.

The settlers assigned to defend the settlement can be armed with weapons. The guard on the guard post duty can activate a siren if he spots an enemy.

Moreover, defense is the main key to keeping the settlers happy.

Fallout 4 – Settlement Happiness

Basically, Happiness is a metric to measure how happy are the settlers with any settlement. If a settlement reaches 100% happiness, it gives you the Benevolent Leader Trophy.

Each need like Food, Water, Defense, and Beds counts 20 points of happiness. You can increase Happiness by building stores which can increase happiness.

More Settlers In Fallout 4 Mod

Using mods in Fallout 4, you can increase the maximum capacity of settlers in a settlement.

But it will further increase the problems like assigning jobs, giving protection by increasing defense, giving basic needs like food, water, bed, etc. failing which the happiness count will decrease.

Fallout 4 – How To Get More Settlers In Sanctuary

Fallout 4 – Effective Tricks To Get More Settlers In Your Settlements
Fallout 4 – How To Get More Settlers In Sanctuary

If you have enough resources and still don’t have enough settlers, just try to increase the number of radio recruitment beacons. It works like magic!

Fallout 4 – Increase Settler Limit

Just boost the Charisma level! The maximum population limit strongly depends on your charisma. So more charisma means a higher population!


How Do I Get 30 Settlers In Fallout 4?

  • Create a small settlement which will function as the recruitment center for the original settlement.
  • Increase your Charisma.
  • Bring people to the original settlement.

Is There A Mod To Get More Settlers In Fallout 4?

Fortunately, there are mods like Homemaker, Kamuro Neon, Functional Displays, Scrap Everything, etc. which will increase the number of settlers in Fallout 4.

Is There A-Max Amount Of Settlers In Fallout 4?

The maximum amount of settlers in a settlement is by default 10. However, you can increase the maximum number of settlers by increasing your Charisma or using mods.


Fallout 4 is an already popular game in the whole world, and it is gaining more popularity day by day.

People are being curious every day about this game, and asking questions regarding this game only.

I hope in this article, I’ve successfully cleared all the questions you had in your mind regarding Settlements in Fallout 4, and I hope that now you will be able to play the game even better. All the best!

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