How To Catch Azumarill In Pokemon Go

So you want to know how to catch Azumarill in Pokemon Go? Of course, you are, because Azumarill is probably the toughest and most challenging one to be found in the game Pokemon Go.

And that is why I am writing this article where the players will be guided on the game Pokemon Go and they will come to know how to catch Azumarill in Pokemon Go during the Spring Challenge in Pokemon Go.

Spring Challenge is another Timed Research Challenge in the game Pokemon Go where players have to find and catch a set of Pokemon before the given time ends.

In this Spring Challenge, all the Pokemon one has to catch is connected to Spring and Easter. Rewards will be given after a player successfully completes the Spring Challenge.

So read this full article to know how to catch Azumarill in Pokemon Go.

How To Find Azumarill In Pokemon Go

In the Spring Challenge, the players can find most of the Pokemon in the wild. The Pokemon are Bunnelby, Buneary, Flower Crown Chansey, and a lot more.

But if you are asking for Azumarill, let me tell you it is not the kind of Pokemon you find so easily. It does not come to the wild itself.

So how you can catch Azumarill in the Spring Challenge? Is there an easier way?

How To Catch Azumarill In Pokemon Go
How To Catch Azumarill In Pokemon Go

How To Catch Azumarill – Spring Collection

If you really want to catch Azumarill, then you must have to complete the Catch 15 Exeggcute Field Research tasks. To make this task appear, keep clearing out your list as well as swiping at the Pokestops until you see the tasks have appeared.

Another way to catch Azumarill is, through the raid battles. You see, Azumarill is currently a 3-star raid Pokemon. So you can defeat it in battles.

This is not too tough. But it will be much easier if you have a friend with you in the battle. To win the battle against Azumarill, the electric-type or the Poison-type Pokemon will help.

Once you find Azumarill, do not forget to use a regular razz Berry or a Golden Razz Berry if you want to increase the possibility to capture the Pokemon.

In the Spring Challenge, Azumarill takes an extra amount of attention from the players. Although catching it is not too tough, you can miss it if you take this task casually.

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Where To Catch Azumarill – Pokemon Go

You can find Azumarill in the wild in the Spring Challenge in the game Pokemon Go. There are only two ways to catch this Pokemon. One is, to complete particular Field research tasks; and the other is, to defeat this Pokemon in a battle.

You will get The Field Research tasks at the Gyms and Pokestops.

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Azumarill Research Task

In the Spring to Spring Challenge in the game Pokemon Go, catching Azumarill is one of the tasks that is required to finish the quest within time.

But the advantage, as well as the problem, is, that you do not have to search all the places to find this Pokemon, and neither is it a rare one too.

You have to search for it in the wild. When you will find it, you have to go for the orthodox method. First of all, feed it with a Golden Razz Berry followed by throwing a curveball onto it.

How To Catch Azumarill In Pokemon Go
How To Catch Azumarill In Pokemon Go

Azumarill – Pokémon Go Raid

Frankly speaking, Azumarill is not a hard Pokémon to catch by winning a battle against it. But there are a few factors that have a direct influence on the fight.

As Azumarill is both water as well as Fairy Pokémon, it is very sensitive to the Electric-type or the Poison-type Pokémon. So make sure you use a Poison-type, for an Electric-type Pokémon against it in the battle.

A Grass-type Pokémon will do the same thing in favor of you against Azumarill in the battle.

How To Get Azumarill In Pokémon Sword

In Pokémon Sword, Azumarill is not a Pokémon that spawns in the wild. Instead of catching Azumarill, it will be a better option to catch Azurill and then evolve that Pokémon into Azumarill. A well-known spawn location of Azurill in Pokémon Sword is the Brawlers’ Cave.

How to Get Azumarill in Shining Pearl

If you are playing Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Pokemon Shining Pearl, you will have to work a little more in order to get Azumarill.

In these two versions of the game, Azumarill is not found directly. The only way to catch Azumarill in these two versions of the game is, to catch a Pokemon which is a previous version of Azumarill, and then evolve that Pokemon to Azumarill.

Azumarill – Pokémon Go PvP

If you want to fight against a player in Pokemon Go and want to use the potential of Azumarill so that you can know whether

Azumarill is a useful Pokemon in that fight or not, read this section of this article, because here I am going to talk about the potential of Azumarill in a PvP battle in the game Pokemon Go.

How To Catch Azumarill In Pokemon Go
How To Catch Azumarill In Pokemon Go

If you ask me whether the Azumarill is a good Pokemon for a PvP battle or not, let me tell you that the best moves of this Pokemon are Play Rough and Bubble. If you are attacking a player, then these two moves are one of the best moves.

The combination of these two moves has the highest DPS which makes it one of the best move sets of a PvP fight.

If you want to apply pressure on an extended fight in order to win it, Azumarill is one of the ideal Pokémon. You can use this Pokemon against shielded Pokemon.


1. Can You Catch Azumarill In The Wild Pokemon Go?

Of course, you can catch Azumarill in the wild area. This is not a Pokemon for which you need to hustle a lot. And it is not in the rare Pokemon category too. You should be able to catch Azumarill in the wild in the game Pokemon Go.

2. Where Can I Catch Azumarill?

If you are playing the Pokemon Go Spring to Spring Challenge, then you can catch the Azumarill Pokemon in the wild. There are two methods using which you can catch this particular Pokemon.

One is, to complete the Field Research task that you will get after completing some tasks at the Pokestops and Gyms. The other is, by winning a battle against it.

To Finish This Up

Pokemon Go is one of the leading games which is getting more popular day by day. Millions of people love and enjoy playing this game. And now the latest trend in this game is the time-bound challenges.

The latest challenge is the Spring to Spring Challenge, in which you need to catch certain Pokemon within the given time. And in this challenge, you have to catch Azumarill, one of the important Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

And here in this article, I have told you how you can catch it. Hope this article will help you and you will be able to catch Azumarill in an easier way. All the best! Happy gaming!

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