Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Challenges – How to Earn All Rewards

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Challenges – How to Earn All Rewards
Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Challenges – How to Earn All Rewards

Do you know there is some exciting news for all the game lovers? Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 2 is here. Season 2 Reloaded is an up-gradation of Rebirth Island known as Rebirth Reinforced Event.

It is an event that came up with a limited period of three weeks. It opens on the launch date, 23rd March 2022, and closes on 14th April 2022.

The event gives a chance to all the players to earn handsome rewards through plenty of challenges. It has additional features like Transport Vehicles, Communication Vehicles, and many more.

The event has four participation challenges, and you will be getting enhanced rewards for completing them. But how to earn rewards is the biggest challenge. CoD Warzone Cheats are exclusive and undetected, which will help you to win the rewards to an extent.

So, let us understand the Rebirth Reinforced challenges and how to win the rewards.

Rebirth Reinforced Challenges and Rewards

The latest COD event has two types of challenges. One is participation, and another is a community challenge. Participation challenges include tasks that you have to complete by yourself, and each challenge will have a separate reward. Community challenges require a group or team to achieve them.

Participation Challenges and Rewards

  •      In Resurgence Solos, wipe three enemies. It should be on Rebirth Island.
  •      30 Legendary Weapons to be traded. It is to be done to the Weapon Trade Station.
  •     Halt or push the Payload for around 20 minutes.
  •      You have to gather $5 million on Rebirth Island on Blood Money.  

Here is a list of rewards that you can win by completing participation challenges.

  •    A rare emblem is known as Atomic Fragmentizer Round
  •   An epic charm (Nuclear Fragmentizer)
  •   An epic watch (Grudged Past Watch)

You have the chance to earn the Legendary Toxic Heavy LMG Blueprint on conquering all the participation challenges. It has a configuration for targets lying in mid or long-range.

Community Challenges and Rewards

 Complete all challenges on Rebirth Island.

  •    Try to earn 20 billion kills.
  •    Do trading for 190 million weapons
  •    Secure Payloads of around 130 million.
  •    Try to gather $40 trillion in Blood Money.

Rewards –

  • You will be able to unlock Weapon Trade Station. You can also earn 25k XP.
  • Use Communications Towers. You will get a reward of 50,000 XP.
  • You can earn 75,000 player XP and use the Armored Truck Deployment event.
  • You will earn a massive 100,000 XP and crack the Golden Vault mystery.

Ways to Earn Rewards

Warzone Communications Towers

COD Warzone has got a new addition in the form of Communication Towers. These are an incredible way of getting more information about the map in the Warzone. It is an addition to another great tool you can have as a Warzone player.

The towers give you ample information on the enemies and their position as a UAV does. The Communication Towers in the COD Warzone are massive and are easily noticeable. You can spot them easily but unlocking them is a bit tricky.

For this, you have to play as a group and trade 190 million weapons. You will be required to complete the challenge to weapon trade stations. You can get in and spend $1500.

It is fascinating to witness the community approach changes on the map. It is a blueprint for the game in the future. As the game changes, the community will also grow and change alongside.

Portable Buy Stations

COD Warzone has introduced some new loot and mechanics that you should get familiar with to excel in the game. It has come with the Portable Buy Station, which is one way to bring the buy station with you into the map. It is no less than a legendary loot in the Warzone. It is a bit difficult to obtain but will cost you nothing.

Portable Buy Stations are almost similar to the buy stations you are familiar with in the Warzone except with slightly more functionality. It is an apt reward, as you know, the buy stations in the COD Warzone.


The Rebirth Reinforced event is a challenge to each player who plays COD Warzone. Completing the challenges will give you incredible rewards in bonus and map items. But you have to follow the correct tactics to accomplish the tasks one by one. It is a matter of quick decision-making and gameplay that will help you overcome the challenges within the time limit.

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