Best Roulette Strategies to Win at Online Casinos

Roulette is a pretty popular game that you will find in the lobby of most top online casinos. It is a simple and exciting game to play and can offer you a chance to win big. But as with other games, there is always an element of risk associated with playing roulette, so losing money is possible, that is why we have included a whole roulette casino guide

While roulette is a luck-based game, you can use a few betting strategies to improve your chances of winning. This article will discuss a few of these strategies and give tips on enjoying the best experience playing roulette. To learn about all that, continue reading this detailed article.

Choose the Best Online Casinos

To know how to win at online casino games like roulette, you need to start by choosing the best casino sites. This is because the quality of the casino you choose will determine the variation of roulette you can play and how your overall gambling experience will be. While choosing a gambling platform to play roulette, always go for one with a license from a reputable regulatory authority in your jurisdiction. Doing this will ensure that you play legally and avoid issues related to illegal gambling. 

Besides licensing, check factors like bonuses and promotions, payment methods, customer support, mobile compatibility, and overall user experience. Also, ensure the casino is secure and uses all standard cybersecurity technologies like SSL to protect players. It pays to go through the stress of choosing the best roulette online casinos than to settle for one with terrible service.

#1 D’Alembert System

Although numerous betting strategies can be used in roulette, you should be aware that no strategy offers 100% guaranteed winning. As a result, you need to have good bankroll management and only bet with money you can afford to lose. In fact, it is always advisable to play roulette for the fun of it.


The D’alembert system is a popular roulette betting strategy perfect for beginners. It follows a simple structure that only works for the red/black and odds/even bets. The idea behind the strategy is that you have a set amount of money representing one unit. You start your bet with that amount, and if you lose, you increase your wager by one more unit till you win. Depending on the roulette variation you are playing, you have a 48% odds of winning each bet. So by the time you win, you will even out your bets and can even make a notable profit. 

#2 Martingale System

This is another popular betting system in roulette that is pretty much similar to the D’Alembert system that works based on increasing losing bets. However, instead of setting a particular amount as a unit, you choose a starting amount based on how deep your bankroll is. You double your initial wager for every bet you lose until you finally win. The idea is that you will win at a point, recoup all your lost wagers, and make a profit. But be careful while using this strategy as it only works well with endless bankroll, which is ideally impossible. 

#3 Paroli System

The Paroli system is a roulette betting system that works with positive progression staking. The strategy is relatively simple to follow, and you can get lucky enough to win big using it. First, you choose a particular starting amount to bet with according to your bankroll. If you lose the bet, you wager the same amount again. However, if you’re lucky enough to win the second bet, you leave both the wager amount and your win on the roulette layout for the next game round. This marks the first progression. You continue like this for several progressions depending on your risk level, and you can end up with huge returns. 

Use Casino Bonuses

Although this is not a roulette strategy per se, it can be pretty useful to win big playing the table game. The best online gambling platforms offer incredible bonuses like match bonuses, free chips and cash back bonuses. You can use these bonuses to your advantage as they let you play without risking too much or any of your money. However, ensure you claim a good bonus after carefully reading the wagering requirements and other applicable terms and conditions

Test Your Strategies

As mentioned earlier, no strategy offers a 100% success rate. That’s why before you start using any strategy in real money roulette games, you can first try it out in the free version of the game. This helps you know whether the strategy suits your playing style and if you will need to make any adjustments. You are not risking your money with free roulette games, and you can play for as long as you want. However, be aware that you cannot win real money playing roulette for free. 

Wrapping it Up

We’ve discussed some popular strategies you can use to improve your winning chances. These strategies can be pretty useful, from the D’Alembert system to the Martingale and Paroli system. Nevertheless, don’t forget that no betting system offers a guaranteed winning assurance every game round, so make sure you bet with money you can afford to lose.

Besides, choose a top online casino to play roulette so you can enjoy the best experience. When selecting an online roulette casino, consider factors like licensing, bonuses, security, customer support, and banking options. If you follow these tips, you may just be lucky enough to win massively playing roulette.


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