5 Best Classic Games for Kids

We are living in a digital world where digital gadgets are everywhere. The children of Millenials, Generation Alpha, are born in a world where cell phones, tabs, and other smart gadgets are their toys. Instead of playing hide and seek, they are more interested in exploring the world of the internet and apps. They are smart kids, and even a three-year-old can operate a smartphone. Yes, welcome to the digital world where Generation Alpha is set to rule it like a boss.

However, many studies and doctors are concerned regarding the mental, physical, ethical, and psychological impact of unfiltered interaction of our kids with the smart world. That’s a concern for many parents, and it should be. But in this digital world, it is hard to minimize this interaction where digital gadgets are everywhere. So, what can parents do to bring up their children with positive internet usage? That’s a hot debate among parents nowadays.

Although different parents will have different opinions, what if we can help our kids use smartphones for better activities instead of taking smartphones from them?

Here is a list of five classic games you can play online that keep kids engaged and build minds:

  1. Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a dice game developed based on other dice games, such as Yacht and Generala. The game’s objective is to score the highest points by rolling five dice in a combination. The player can roll the five dice up to three times to get the desired combination of dice. There are around 13 combinations that give the highest points.

The game has 13 sets or rounds in which the player attempts to get the desired combination. Once the player selects a combination as a score point in one game, that combination cannot be used again in the same game. The scoring combination has fixed values and the dice’s cumulative value. 

It is a popular game world over and is fit to play for people of all ages. According to the company, around 50 million Yahtzee sets are sold every year. The good thing is that it is also available online. So, you can let your children explore it and play this fun game.

  1.           Solitaire

Recall your childhood, and you will find glimpses of yourself sitting on a chair with eyes fixed on a computer screen, playing one of the variations of Microsoft Solitaire. It was one of the most favorite games of Millenial kids, and it still has all the charms to become one of the most loved games of Generation Alpha too.

The good thing is children don’t need a PC for this. They can find solitaire online and in app form, with some sites offering more than 500 variations. Moreover, the different features and customization options make it one of the most addictive games to play, improving your focus, problem-solving, and cognitive skills.

  1.           Wordle

Wordle is an advanced puzzle game created by a Welsh software engineer. However, later The New York Times took over it in 2002. Since then, people are all crazy about it. Significantly, it is more than a game for kids. They can improve their vocabulary, logical thinking skills, and guesswork because that’s what this game requires.

The objective of the game is to find five-letter words. You have six chances to win it. If your proposed word has even one word present in the actual word and it’s coming in the right place, it will be shown as green. It is not always easy to win this game, but even trying it is so much fun.

  1.           Sudoku

It is hard to imagine that you haven’t heard about Sudoku in your life. In fact, you must have played it at least once in your life on a PC or old Nokia set. Because it was a popular game of the 1990s, and people of all ages loved playing it. If you talk about tough gameplay, Sudoku says ‘hi.’ It is present online and in app form with different features that can take your playing experience to another level. It has around five levels, but it is hard to handle even the first level. So, make your kids play Sudoku if you want to develop sharp cognitive skills.

The game aims to fill 9×9 boxes with 3×3 sections from 1 to 9. Make sure every line, column, and box should have one number only once. Some boxes are filled with a number to give the game a heads-up. You have to pick clues from these randomly placed numbers to fill out boxes further. Playing this game will be hard, without any doubt, but it will be worth it.

  1. Mahjong

Mahjong is an old Chinese game having an enriched history of culture, traditions, and socialization. People in China have played it for years, and this love for Mahjong continues. In fact, it is a ‘must’ game to play to commemorate festive seasons. It was once called an Asian game, but now it is becoming popular in other countries as well, including Japan, America, etc. It is the best strategic game of all time, so there is no doubt that it is a classic brain game.

The game starts with 144 tiles arranged on each other, making a pyramid form. The tiles have different Chinese images and characters. Each image on tiles appears four times. The goal is to make combinations of similar tiles. The game has some strict rules, which make it more challenging and addictive. So, watch out; it might give kids some really tough times. So, help them out while playing this game.


These games are amazing to help your kids build their cognitive abilities and strategic thinking. However, these are tough games, so you might have to sit with your child several times to teach them these games. Once they learn the gameplay, you can let them play on their own. It will help them learn and develop brain skills and get the dose of using smartphones – all good and square.

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