What Is Tenacity In A League Of Legends?

Tenacity is a popular stat in League of Legends that helps to reduce the length of incoming crowd control effects.

A champion in the game with high tenacity will be able to shrug off all the crowd effects more quickly than a person having low tenacity.

So if you want to increase your tenacity then you can do it with some mastery and skills. There is no limit to how much tenacity you have, it can be as much you want. Some champions can increase their tenancy as well.

It is always essential to have tenacity during the fight so that they can stay longer during the fight. A character having low tenacity can throw out of the game quickly.

So if you also want to increase tenacity then just stay with us in this article and get some relevant information on league of legends and what is tenacity.

Why Should I Buy Tenacity Items In Lol?

We all just play games to win and buying Tenacity in LoL allows you to beat your opponents easily.

Stunts and silence will make your enemy useless and you can beat them without putting in more effort.

What Is Tenacity In A League Of Legends

Mercury Treads are one of the best items in LoL that gives you many crowd-control abilities.

If you don’t have tenacity then your champion will get a long duration of crowd control ability. If you play LoL regularly then I don’t need to say how important a role Tenacity stat plays in this game.

How Do I Get More Tenacity In Lol?

There are different types of ideas that users can implement to get more Tenacity in League Tenacity.

We will provide the best ways to increase Tenacity but before that, you should know that you are not allowed to use Tenacity to reduce suppression effects.

Apart from that, you should know that Tenacity can also be stacked additively and multiplicatively but both have different combinations.

Ways to Increase Your Tenacity

So if you want to get more Tenacity in League of Legends, then you can try these ways –

# Legend Tenacity

If given 5% tenacity plus 2.5% Tenacity per stack. In general, stacks are mainly gained by slaying the champions, minions, and monsters. Users can have up to 10 stacks, which equals 30% tenacity from the rune.

At the start of the game, users will get a 5% bonus, which can also grow to a 30% boost.

# Unflinching

This rune can allow the users to get a tenacity between 10 % to 30%. It mainly depends on the mission’s health. So, if you have a lower HP then you will get more Tenacity and vice versa.

As it gives you a boost of tenacity, which is mainly dependent on Summoner spells. Once you have a summoner spell, you will get the tenacity of 15% for just 10 seconds.

# Cleanse

This Summoner Spell is quite similar to Silvermere dawn and grants 65% tenacity for three seconds of using it.

This tenacity will be very helpful for you when you are already teamed up with people having more crowd-control abilities.

Using this will completely remove all the disabled, except airborne, suppression, and near sight.

These are the main abilities in the League of Legends game that can help you to increase Tenacity lol but you should know that they are tied up with some specific champions.

For example- Courage gets 65% tenacity for 0.75, but having such champions and abilities is quite rare.

Items You Can Use To Increase Tenacity In League Of Legends

What Is Tenacity In A League Of Legends

So if you want to increase your Tenacity then these are the items that you can grab in League of Legends. Let us have a complete overview of these items –

# Mercury’s Treads

Whenever we are talking about League of Legends, Mercury Treads is something we always keep in our mind.

In the early days of this game, Mercury Treads gives us the Tenacity to compensate for long stuns and snares.

In general, Mercury Treads gives 30% Tenacity, which means that if your Champion gets hit by crowd control abilities, your champion will stay 30% less.

Apart from all these things, it also provides 25 Magic Resist that making it an effective purchase against mage champions.

So, if you are an ADC then you should purchase Mercury Treads for the best results.

# Sunfire Aegis

Sunfire Aegis is a tank item in League Of Legends that increases tenacity. It grants some amazing abilities such as Armour, Magic Resist, Health, etc, which is a good option for champions like Ornn.

Sunfire Aegis can give you 5% tenacity but if you have one more slot reserved for boots then you can earn up to 20% tenacity.

Mercury Treads and Sunfire Aegis are the main items in LoL that you should have for the best combination.

# Silvermere Dawn

Silvermere Dawn is not so popular item in the League of Legends game but still, it can increase your Tenacity. It is a type of Niche purchase that works only for AD champions.

With Silvermere Dawn, users can remove the crowd control effects from their champion. Apart from that, this activity also has 90 seconds cooldown and removes suppression effects.

Using this ability in this game can give you tenacity of 40%, which is quite sufficient, and also slow down for three seconds.

# Elixir Of Iron

Elixir of Iron is the fourth item on the list of League of Legends. This item is quite different from all other items because it is consumable and users are allowed to purchase it even if your buying slots are complete.

Another thing you need to make sure of is that you can buy this item only if you reach the 9th level.

When you will consume this item, you will immediately get the health bonus of 300 and increase in size by 15%, and 25% tenacity. This effect will get last for 180 seconds.

Just after 3 minutes, the HP size and Tenacity will be gone, now if you want to enjoy all those benefits again then you need to buy this item again. You should know that it is not stacked and you cannot purchase it again and again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does tenacity help with?

Ans. Tenacity is a stat in LoL that helps to reduce the overall duration of crowd control effects.

It mainly works on Blind, Forced actions, Snare, Slow, Silence, and Stun. Users will have the opportunity to better perform in the game.

2. Can you have negative Tenacity LOL?

Ans. Yes, you can have negative Tenacity in LoL that reduce to negative values. It allows the causing crowd control to stay longer and makes the whole task difficult for you.

3. How often can I use Tenacity?

Ans. The duration of Tenacity cannot be reduced below 0.3 seconds and it has the highest value of 0.625 seconds, which is mainly dependent on the game ads.

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