Are Gaming Projectors the Way Forward?

Projectors have been a part of the big-screen gaming experience for a long time. With the increased accessibility to giant TV screens these days, some gamers prefer using big TV screens over projectors. However, the evergreen projectors have still not lost their hold on the gaming market for a variety of reasons. 

If you are considering buying a projector for gaming or looking to upgrade your gaming experience from a small screen to big-screen gaming, here’s a list of reasons why projectors are an excellent companion for all your gaming adventures:

  1. A Big Screen: The most unbeatable feature of projectors is absolutely the big screens they offer to users. Gamers of every genre will agree that having an immersive gaming experience is unlike any other. Being transported into the world of video games brings gamers much joy. Another benefit of having a screen as big as 87 inches is that games that require a split-screen can be played with great ease. Host Mario Kart tournaments with your friends using your big projector screen and find out who the best racer is (we are rooting for you!).
  2. Save Your Space: Unlike big TVs, projectors do not require space. Big TVs generally require a wall mount or a big TV stand, while projectors can be installed on a table. Some adjustments may be required to fix the image distortion. Additionally, big TVs occupy a permanent space in a room as they are hefty to move. Projectors can easily be stored away elsewhere post use.
  3. No Input Lag: Ask any gamer involved in playing fast-paced games what they hate most and they’ll tell you all about input lag. Input lag or display lag is the amount of time it takes for an action to take place on your screen after you have inputted a command. Inputted commands can be via keyboards or game controllers. Some of the best projector for home under 10000 use have low input lag, which results in a smooth gaming experience.
  4. Pay Less for More: The size of TV screens is often capped at 77 inches (or at 100 inches if you are willing to spend a great amount of money). Projectors, on the other hand, can easily provide 100-120 inch screens. More recent projector models can also include a 4k display along with a 60Hz refresh rate and input lag less than 20ms. All this while being far less expensive than TVs of the same size.
  5. Long-Lasting: Projectors are extremely sturdy in nature. Compared to television screens that often require handling with care, projectors require no such extra care. Made using robust components, projectors can easily last for several years. Modern gaming projectors also use a 4LED technology which ensures that light colors and sources don’t diminish over time.
  6. Easy Setup: Most projectors offer easy setup and dismantling options. Therefore, you can easily carry your projector to your friends’ places and set it up for having a nice gaming night with friends.
  7. Gaming Projectors: A more recent phenomenon, projectors that are aimed specifically at gaming are becoming increasingly popular. Gone are the days when projectors were only for watching TV shows and Movies, gamers can now enjoy a great gaming experience through immersive projector screens. These are largely targeted towards three gaming genres- first-person shooters, RPGs, and sports games.

While there are many advantages of using projectors for gaming, there are also some drawbacks to consider:

  1. Fixed Resolution: Most projectors offer a fixed resolution, unlike TV screens that have many options to choose from. For gamers, this feature can lead to issues as resolution often needs to be fixed to see the intricate graphics many video games these days offer.
  2. Separate Speakers: Most television screens these days come with inbuilt speakers. Projectors, on the other hand, require a separate set up of speakers. This can be heavy on the pocket and takes up extra space in your home.
  3. Brightness: While this depends on which projector you own, the range of brightness can be limited. If you prefer higher brightness on your screen, you will have to spend more money on higher-end models.
  4. Startup and Shutdown Time: Projectors tend to have a longer startup and shutdown time. You have to wait a little while before you can set up your game to play. TVs have no such issue.
  5. The Heat: Due to the components they consist of, projectors can get hot over a long period of use. It can be a hassle as you can’t place anything too close to the projector due to the heat.
  6. Noisy: Most gadgets emit some noise when running. Projectors are particularly guilty of this as they produce a hum when in use. You could easily ignore the humming, but it is distracting during quieter sections of a game.
  7. Need For Darkness: For optimum use, all projectors require a darker room. Even more expensive projectors with a higher brightness potential work best when the curtains are drawn. Ambient lighting can wash out the colors of the projected screen and therefore ruin the gaming experience.

Overall, there are many pros and cons to using projectors. Before investing in a projector for gaming remember to thoroughly understand each pro and con and weigh what works best for you. We recommend projectors for those looking for an immersive gaming experience in particular. If you can imagine yourself enjoying playing video games on a big screen in a dark room, we highly recommend investing in a gaming projector!

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