Which are the most popular slot themes in 2022?

Slot themes are extremely crucial to some players. The theme of the slots might almost dictate if someone decides whether or not to play the game. A while back, the number of slot themes was limited, and therefore not as many players as today’s huge fanbase were as attracted to play online slots. Later, as the market evolved, the industry realized how many new players they could potentially attract by offering slots coming in different themes.

Finding the right theme takes time, effort, and research for everyone. A good theme increases the desire for someone to play the game. For casino operators, it’s important to have a broad theme of slots to accommodate all kinds of slot lovers. Below you will find the most popular slot themes today. Keep reading to find out which ones we’re referring to. 

Theme 1: Ancient Egypt Slot

Ancient Egypt themed slots are based on Ancient Egypt of course. They are set in the distant past of Egypt. The theme is based on all things sacred to Egypt, from the great pyramids to the tombs, to the fortunes, the mystical cats, the mummies, and more. These slots usually use Ancient Egyptian-related symbols. The Ancient Egypt theme features a couple of thrilling slot games you can enjoy playing. In today’s slots market the Ancient Egypt theme is considered a favourite by many. The most common Ancient Egypt themed slot games people play include:

  • Eye of Cleopatra
  • Dawn of Egypt
  • Tales of Egypt
  • Book of Dead
  • Pyramid King

Theme 2: Fishing Slots

Fishing is often considered a relaxing sport. Ever since the emergence of slots, the fishing theme has always been a favourite. It might be because of how simple fish-themed games tend to be and how low-key they appear to be. Especially for those who don’t appreciate the flashiness of most slot games, the fishing-themed slots are perfect for them as some just spell low-key. However, don’t be completely fooled, as there are still some pretty flashy fishing-themed slots out there. The fishing theme usually entails details about all sorts of aqua life, from tiny fish to huge sharks, from hooks to boats and so much more. Below is a list of the most commonly played fishing-themed games:

  • Big Bass Bonanza
  • Golden Fishtank
  • Fishin’ Pots of Gold
  • Razor Shark

Theme 3: Horror Slots

There are countless horror-themed slot games out there on the market. Surprisingly, there is a huge fanbase for this theme. Horror-themed slots are not only designed to get blood rushing through your veins, but to also entertain you while playing. Often, more horror-themed slots are released during the Halloween period to get people amped up about the holiday. This is probably when slot games from this theme are mostly played. However, the slot theme continues to be successful even after the Halloween period, and there are so many games to choose from. Some of the fan-favourite horror-themed slots games include:

  • Dracula
  • Halloween Jack
  • Ghost of Dead
  • Horror House
  • Happy Halloween

Theme 4: Music Slots

Music plays a key role in entertainment, and to cater to such a huge fanbase, today’s online casinos offer music-themed slots to their players too. It’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t like music, which is why music-themed slots are often such a hit. Music slots vary from Rock-themed to DJ-themed slots. Music-themed slots are also often such a hit because some are inspired by some of the greatest musicians of all time. Some of the best music-themed online slots from UK include:

  • KISS – Reels of Rock
  • Guns N’ Roses Video Slots
  • The Rat Pack


There you have it – the best slot themes in 2022. If you feel the slots mentioned here still weren’t to your liking, there’s still an entire ocean of themes to check out. To enjoy this game category to the fullest, you’re just going to have to find the right theme for yourself.

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