Your Guideline To Get Jewel Coral And Turtle Companion In The Lost Ark 

In the Lost ark game, you will find many quests and awards and a giant turtle to help you in the journey.

But to get that turtle, first, you need to acquire jewel coral in the lost ark. After you get the jewels, you can use them to get a turtle. 

The Luxury Goods Merchant is present in every big city in the game. There you can have two options for turtles, one is a Yellow Moss turtle, and another one is an Azure Moss turtle. You can buy anyone in exchange for your jewel coral.

Functionally both turtles have the same capacity. You need to choose the color that you find more suitable for you.

The base speed of the giant turtle is 420, and you will be surprised to see its strength. Besides having huge bodies, they can run pretty fast.

So, you can get a giant turtle in exchange for your jewel coral; that is what you do with them.

How To Get Jewel Coral And A Turtle Companion

what to do with jewel coral lost ark

If you like to get jewel coral and a turtle companion, you will need to go to Turtle island and complete some questlines there.

The island is located on the west coastline along the Anikka sea. To go to that island, you will need 50+ characters and a working ship to sail through the sea.

After you reach the island, you will see immediately some quest lines will appear. You must follow every quest line and complete every task there. First, you will see “the turtle and the boy” questline upon reaching there.

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After that, you will see the “to the sea” quest. Complete both the questlines first. You may need some time to complete the task.

When you complete both quests, you will get a reward, the jewel coral in the Lost ark game. After getting the jewel coral from the island, you will need to find a Luxury Merchant in any big city. So, start your search for a luxury merchant. 

Once you get one merchant, interact with them to buy your desirable turtle companion. You need to spend one jewel coral for one turtle.

Lost Ark Jewel Coral Vendor

After you have collected the jewel coral, you need to find proper vendors with whom you can exchange them for getting something.

You have to find Luxury Merchants in nearby big cities to do that. You can also sail to other parts of the game in search of big cities and merchants.

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With them, you can interact by purchasing the turtle mount in exchange for your jewel coral.

You will see two turtles, Yellow moss and Azure moss. Both have the same 420 base speed and dash capacity.

You can buy one turtle with one jewel coral in the lost ark. So, before buying, choose which colored turtle suits you the best.

Where To Get Jewel Coral In Lost Ark

what to do with jewel coral lost ark

It would help if you went to Turtle Island to get jewel coral in the lost ark. In the game, the island is located near the west coast of the Anikka sea. The island is situated between the Anikka and Tortoyk regions of the game.

If you still get confused looking for them, you can check online sites where you will find the island’s exact location on a map. In that way, you can easily locate the place and continue your game.

 To get the jewel coral in the lost ark game, you need to sail to that island and follow the questline instructions after reaching there. 

You will need to follow some purple quests after you land on the island. And complete every instruction to get the jewel coral. It will take some time, but you need the patience to get that.


1. How do I get more jewel corals?

You can not get more than one jewel coral in the lost ark. Every player is designed to have one turtle in exchange for one jewel coral, so after completing Flynn’s quest, every player can only obtain one jewel coral.

To get the jewel coral in the lost ark, first, you need to complete level 50. After that, you will need a ship to sail through the Anikka sea to reach the island.

Turtle island is situated in between Anikka and Tortoyk regions. After your arrival on the island, you will see some purple quests in the game. 

You need to complete each quest one by one and every task in those quests. When you complete those quests, you will get a jewel coral reward.

But in the game, one player can get one turtle mount in exchange for one jewel coral. That’s why you can have only one jewel coral.

2. Where is Turtle Island Lost Ark?

After completing level 50 in the lost ark game, you can unlock the quest on turtle island. You can find the island between the Anikka and Tortoyk regions of the game. To reach the island, you must have a working ship.

After you reach there, you need to complete some quests, which will appear instantly upon your arrival there. 

Point to be include

Jewel coral exchange lost ark.

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