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Streaming on Twitch and YouTube, Asmongold is a well-known American World of Warcraft gamer. For One True King, a gaming collective for online content creators, he is a co-owner and content developer.


  • Many players have abandoned the well-known MMORPG Lost Ark because of its contentious pay-to-win system. Asmongold, a Twitch streamer, has voiced his opposition to the game’s pay-to-win system. He wants the creators of the game to alter the guidelines
  •  But the detractors did not pay attention. Asmongold just released a video in which he criticises the game’s developers and promises to provide a road map outlining the biggest pay-to-win issues.
  • Botting is the act of AFKing while farming resources. In other MMOs, skill levels are increasingly using the same method. However, a new influx of bots has made Lost Ark a target.
  •  The Twitch streamer claims that the game is being controlled by bots, which keeps legitimate gamers out. Asmongold provides information from the game through Steam Charts.

Twitch streamer

  • After a four-month break, Twitch streamer Asmongold returned to his primary channel on Tuesday. 
  • He played the acclaimed ARPG Lost Ark and discussed the challenging months following the death of his mother. A new personal high of 285k viewers was attracted by his comeback to the main channel, and his VOD video has now received over four million views. The stream also set a number of new marks, including the most concurrent watchers.
  • The game has attracted a sizable player base and attention, but it has also had some severe problems, such as sluggish server performance. Despite these issues, Asmongold’s live feeds have attracted over 400,000 views, showing that the voyage is being enjoyed by the audience. But several of
  • Whether he will keep broadcasting the game on his Twitch channel has been questioned.
  • Despite not being an expert on Lost Ark, Asmongold has a sizable fan base that can have an impact on game design. Asmongold is a well-known MMO streamer, and many game companies pay attention to the opinions of influential streamers. 
  • The high sales figures for the game are a result of his popularity in the gaming community. Asmongold has spent many hours playing the game since it first came out.
    what server is asmongold playing lost ark


  • Before the debut of Lost Ark, Asmongold participated in the World of Warcraft MMO. One of the earliest video streamers to become well-known in the MMO community was this one. During big World of Warcraft releases, his viewership peaked between 200 to 270k, with an average of 60 to 70k viewers every stream. 
  • The launch of the Lost Ark MMO in North America and Europe and his anticipated comeback to broadcasting are related events.
  • Asmongold took action after becoming irritated with the game’s pay-to-win conditions. He sought a map from the Lost Ark game’s creator within ten days and even threatened to use it as an example of the issue with pay-to-win. 
  • Later, he was expelled, and the server is still shut down. On Steam, the game has already surpassed 500,000 active users at once. The creators are also launching new servers in NA East and EU Central.
  • The existence of bots playing the game has been shown by Asmongold’s proof. He displays data from Steam Charts demonstrating the dramatic increase in player numbers. This implies that the majority of players are robots. Although this phenomenon is not entirely unique to MMORPGs, it is a significant issue with Lost Ark. It’s understandable why Asmongold has established a name for himself in the gaming world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Which server should I play on Lost Ark?

A PVP hub is the Azena server in North America East. The server has become more well-liked among players who wish to try it as a result. In addition, the Una server is well-known there as well. Therefore, how you want to play relies on you.

Q2.What world does Asmongold play?

Game of Warcraft
Asmongold is a popular World of Warcraft player from the United States who also streams on Twitch and YouTube. He is a co-owner and content producer for One True King, an online content makers’ gaming collective.

Q3. Can you transfer Lost Ark characters to another server?
You might not agree with the solution, but there is one. You cannot transfer any of your characters to another server, and I regret having to break the bad news. The server you establish locks a new Character when you create it.

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