What is a Good Ping?

When you do a ping test over at Device Tests, you would often wonder what the result would mean. Yes, knowing what is a good ping would be important so that you would know what you would need to do to improve it. To nobody’s surprise, it actually depends on what the purpose is.

If it is gaming then under 50 would be nice but over 150 would not be a good sign. If it is just for average browsing techniques, then you should 50 to 100 would be desirable while anything less or more than that range would not be a nice sign. Many things would affect the ping and it is normal for people to undergo ping tests twice an hour.

When you realize you don’t have a good ping then you should do something about that right away or else you are going to experience lag. Sooner or later, you will realize that you’re the main culprit of it. As a result, you would even not feel motivated to play online games anymore stemming from a poor ping.

According to HP, the Internet service provider can play a huge role in your ping. It is no secret the more popular the company is, the more you can depend on the Internet to be reliable. They may demand large rates but you can bet each penny you pay them would be pretty much worth it.

The same link says that the faster the Internet connection speed is, the lower the ping is going to be. Unfortunately, the slower the Internet connection is then the likelier you are to receive a little bit of a lag. When that is the case, you would want to go to a place that has a faster WiFi. It is also possible the connection is slow because many devices are connected to it.

When your computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone are all connected to it, you may want to disconnect one or more of them. Besides, some of them may not need a connection to the Internet. Add that to the fact that the geographical location plays a huge factor in getting people to come close to the agenda. After all, you can just come closer to the server. That may require moving some stuff in your place but it is going to be worth it when the end goal is something you would really desire.

According to this website, anything under 20 ms is said to be a very good ping. Hence, if you can achieve that for your subtle device then the better it would be. Believe it or not, achieving a zero ping is the best-case scenario according to this source. It means the computer and the server work hand in hand with each other. You could not have done it any better than that. You can expect to encounter a pretty fast Internet speed from then on. Contrary to popular belief, you can expect data packets to travel slowly.

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