Video Games That Will Keep the Adrenaline Pumping

A dark room with a creaking wood floor. You are the only person in the room, and you’re carrying a candlestick. From the flicker of the candlelight you see a dark figure hurtling towards you, and you fall back in your gaming chair, headphones falling off and your heart pounding. You just experienced a jumpscare from a horror game – and you managed to survive.


Don’t be fooled by the fact that these games only appear on the screen and not in real life. Because, as studies have shown, video games can trigger the body’s stress system depending on the game. These types of games in this article are entertaining as you have to think fast while getting taken aback by the surprise elements in the game.



What is more adrenaline-inducing than an actual horror game with paranormal activity? That’s exactly what you get with the video game Phasmophobia, where you play as ghost hunters trying to communicate with ghosts. As a bonus, the game is available as Virtual Reality, so if you didn’t get a big enough fright from playing the game regularly, you can fully immerse yourself in Phasmophobia.

007: Quantum of Solace

If you are among those who believe Casino Royale is one of the best James Bond movies, you will be surprised to hear that it was adapted into a game. In this shooter video game, you follow the plot from the movie as you chase Mollaka Danso. The game has a lot of high-intensity sections that are sure to get your adrenaline going. Some of the battles also feature jumpscares as enemies sometimes appear from around corners emerging from dark areas.

Sadly, the iconic casino from Casino Royale is not as present in the game as in the movie. But you don’t have to miss out too much; a casino guide like this one can give you the same feeling if you miss the glamorous dresses and big winnings from the movie. In the guide, you can easily find a lot of information and tips about online gambling, that will teach you the basics of responsible gaming.

Resident Evil

One of the most legendary horror game franchises is Resident Evil which is a Japanese first-person shooter game. The franchise is action-packed, as you have to survive in a world with zombies. Resident Evil 4 became especially popular, as it featured an ‘over-the-shoulder’-perspective, also known as a third person camera point of view which meant players would be able to be immersed in the game in a way that the previous three titles hadn’t been fully able to accomplish.


In 2010, a Danish studio called Playdead released a horror game called Limbo. At face value, it doesn’t really come off as a horror title. The game is presented in black-and-white style and you play as a character that looks like a stick figure. But this is exactly what makes the game so eerie. The purpose of the game is to get the character to his sister as he navigates through several difficult puzzles. The game doesn’t feature too many conspicuous elements. But the chilling nature of the game makes you sit and wait for the next jumpscare.

The Last of Us

It made headlines when the popular The Last of Us was turned into a tv-series on HBO. It was quickly named one of the best video game adaptations. Therefore, it is worth giving the game a first try or a revisit if you haven’t played since its initial release in 2013.


You play as Joel, who loses his daughter when a mutant fungi outbreak forces people out of their homes – and to fight for survival. Twenty years later, he is joined by Ellie, who he has to escort on a somewhat risky road trip across the U.S. The game is highly acclaimed and seen as one of the best action games featuring horror archetypes. Not only for its storytelling but also for the creativity of the Cordyceps-infected creatures.

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