Top 5 Fantasy Games Inspired From Films

The gaming world is more than amazing for gamers, and almost all people get fascinated with this world once they get in touch. There is very little room for people to recover time and give to their entertainment purposes.

On the other hand, technology has given us the opportunity to explore the world of games better than ever. The process is pretty smooth when you engage yourself with a PC or console. Technology is mainly focused on innovation, and in modern games, there is plenty of room to innovate, inducing gameplay and graphics.

The world has changed a lot, and games are being played in smart ways. People have their own choices while they play games. Among those sports, games are very popular. Apart from that, there is another genre of games that attracts people the most is action and adventure.

To add something more to it, the developers involve film in games. In that way, we, the people who love to watch films and dream about our favorite characters, are able to get into the four-fields to gain firsthand experience.

Best Fantasy Games Inspired By Films

Online fantasy games are often expensive, and thus it’s hard for every gamer to invest big for those games. In that case, you can simply download free games fromĀ piratesbay to enjoy the fantasy world.

We love to live in fantasy, and thus we do care about our feelings and imagination. Here are the best fantasy games inspired by marvelous films that you can experience firsthand.

1. Payday: The Heist

Heat was a 1995 very famous crime drama film to show the story between a detective and a seasonal criminal who took the vow to go to one last heist.

Inspired by this movie, the very famous game PAYDAY: The Heist was released in 2011. We can assure you that you will get every bit of suspense and action you have experienced so far in Heat.

The character and the influential mission are quite efficiently depicted in the game.

2. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is a famous series of action-adventure video games released in 1997. If you have played the game already, you will get the similarities in action and gameplay with the action movie Scarface.

Scarface is a high-rated rockstar movie that shows the rise of power, greed, and the downfall of drug dealers. In a similar tone, the Vice city game is also made to give you a slight experience of a drug dealer’s life and situations.

3. Uncharted

Though there is no direct link between Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Indiana Jones, if you play the game, you will know that the source of inspiration is quite like Indiana Jones.

The film series is well made and is also well developed in the game. From treasure hunting to the experience of exotic locations, you will find a glimpse of the film series here in the game.

Nathan Drake’s adventures have a lot to thank for Indiana Jones.

4. Medal Of Honor

Who is not a fan of Tom Hanks and probably the best war movie in Hollywood, Saving Private Ryan? It’s a historical war movie to watch again and again. There is something more to life than war, and you will find it in the movie.

Have you experienced the movie? Then you will get similarities in the Medal of Honor game. The brutal and realistic depictions of war situations and the events are quite similar as well as historical.

5. L.A. Noire

Once the crime thriller, L.A. Confidential is now on your PC to play with L.A. Noire. By the similarities of the name and the poster as well, you will get to know that there are quite good inspirations working behind it.

The acting of Russell Crowe and a criminal case are quite interesting to watch. Now think how interesting it will be to include yourself in the suspenseful criminal situations. Do not hesitate to play L.A. Noire if you don’t wanna miss the fantasy of the classic crime movie.

Play And Enjoy The Thrill Of Your Favorite FilmsĀ 

It’s time to play and enjoy the games and experience the fantasy of famous movies. We all want to live the life of our favorite characters. This is a chance to do that by playing the above-mentioned games.

Find out the best characters that you are going to love in these games and enjoy the fantasy inspired by Films.

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