The most famous roles in League of Legends

Intro: Ever wondered what the most famous roles in League of Legends are? Wonder no more! Whether you’re a new player just starting, or you’ve been playing for years and are looking to switch things up, it’s helpful to know which roles are the most popular in the game. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the five most famous roles in LoL and give you an overview of what each one entails. So whether you’re a new player wondering which role to play, or an experienced player looking for some advice on how to improve your game, read on! \

Top 5 roles in League of Legends:

The top 5 roles in League of Legends are Marksman, Jungler, Top Laner, Mid Laner, and Support. These are the roles that you’ll encounter most frequently in solo queue. However, it’s not uncommon to see other roles being played too. For example, if your team composition needs an extra tanky champion, you might see a top lane or a jungle role switched from their normal position. Or, if it’s late in the pick stage and the team doesn’t have enough champions to fill all the roles, you might see someone playing an unusual role or even filling in for another teammate entirely.

1.      Support:

Description: Top 5 hardest support champions to play in LoL -

The support role is, unsurprisingly, almost always played by a team’s designated support player – the team member responsible for purchasing and using the majority of their team’s wards. The role of “support” does not need to be done early on in the game because it’s not very gold-intensive (the term for this style of play is “farming” ), so support players are often left to choose a champion that can be useful during the late-game without needing a high amount of items. Supports typically purchase many wards and then place them throughout the map, often in locations where standard junglers or other roaming teammates would usually end up passing by. The goal of the support is to provide a vision for their entire team and deny opponents from having any sight on where members of their team are located; placing wards in strategic locations forces opponents to play more cautiously and gives your teammates an added layer of protection.

2.      Top:

The top lane is typically played by bruisers or tanks. These champions can clear minion waves quickly but do not excel in the damage department. Tanks lack the capability of taking down other tanks while still having some form of damage mitigation on their skills. Bruisers can clear minion waves without too much trouble if they have a decently precise time. They can deal some damage, but they are most frequently played as a tank with the intent of disrupting opponents and creating opportunities for your team. Although we’ve put tanks and bruisers together in their top-lane category, there is some overlap between the two roles. For instance: champions like Shyvana and Renekton are commonly played as tanks and bruisers. Before diving into it, you must know all about it: read about early game supports to excel in this role with ease and expertise.

3.      Jungle:

For junglers, their role is to farm the jungle and look for ganking opportunities on lanes. Junglers usually possess strong CC abilities that can help them engage opponents easily, allowing them to take kills for themselves or set up kills for their teammates. It takes good decision-making and map awareness to gank without successfully putting your team at a disadvantage. If you want to be successful as a jungler, you’ll need to learn the best routes around the map to maximize farming and ganking efficiency. The jungler is not only the most famous role; it’s also one of the most specific roles to learn. Jungles are required to lead their team through early game ganks and invasions and use buffs to their advantage. Most jungles fit into a bruiser or tanky DPS archetype. They possess abilities that allow them to clear the jungle quickly and safely, which is why this role can be so attractive to new players. Tanks excel at team fights and typically have a way to engage the battle from far away. On the other hand, Assassins are mobile champions that rely on their high damage output to get kills and win fights.

4.      Mid:

The mid lane is most commonly known as the shortest lane in LoL (aside from the brush beside it), and that’s because it’s the neutral territory between the bottom lane and the top lane. The mid-lane is the heart of every League of Legends game. It’s typically where champions with strong waves clear go because clearing waves allows them to roam and control the map. Mages are usually found in the mid-lane because they’re pretty easy to play, especially for new players that may not be adept at skill shots or high mobility. Because the mid has access to these wide-open areas, it’s not uncommon for mages to play this role due to their superior ability range compared to other champions. Mages excel at dealing area-of-effect damage, making them especially dangerous when they catch the enemy team grouped up inside their powerful abilities.

5.      ADC:

Description: Laning Phase 101-Playing around objectives with your Jungler as ADC

A typical attack damage carry or ADC is a ranged champion whose primary role is to deal substantial amounts of physical harm and who also can siege turrets, usually with the long-range provided by their weapon choice. Because they lack mobility, ADCs rely heavily on an allied champion that can either engage or peel enemies away from them. Those who choose to carry a defensive item must make great sacrifices in the offensive capabilities of their champion. ADC champions fill a very different role from other classes: dealing massive damage to a single target while dodging incoming attacks. They are fragile and possess little utility or crowd control. It is not unusual for an ADC champion to take more than six items because they scale so well with things. ADCs need not only to dish out damage but also to be able to take it (a lesser and often neglected fact is that ADCs do both simultaneously — if their health drops too low, they can’t attack). Because of this, defensive stats such as health and armor are essential for ADCs.


Now that you know about the five most famous roles in League of Legends, it’s time to start playing and determine which one is right for you. We recommend trying out a few different ones if you’re creating until you find the one that fits your playstyle best. Once you’ve found your niche, keep practicing and perfecting your skills – eventually, you’ll be able to take on anyone in LoL!

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