Rat king- the most exotic quest

Want to know how to get rat king or rdr2 rat location or rat king quest steps?

In this article, I have given all the details of how to unlock the ratking and the location and offer you all of the instructions you’ll need to finish the rat king questline. It’s a long journey, so it’ll be well worth it in the end.

The Rat King is an exotic Sidearm in Destiny 2, is a fascinating little tool with some impressive results. It’s a puzzle to open, as with so many Exotic objects, with the item’s journey forcing you to solve many riddles – and fulfill their sometimes-difficult tasks – to obtain it.

What is rat king?

The Rat King, a rare tool in Destiny 2, is made for raids of six players. The harm multiplier for this Kinetic exotic arm rises for any member of your team that also uses the Rat King.

The multiplier seems to activate only when your teammates are within a certain distance of each other, but this function can render the Rat King a popular choice in Destiny 2 raids.

When you reload after a shot, you’ll benefit from a brief period of invisibility.

What is the Rat King’s crew in Destiny 2?

An Exotic Quest is Rat King’s Crew. It can be gained after finishing the Enemy of My Enemy quest or participating in a community game with a player wielding the Rat King Sidearm in a fireteam.

This condition, as well as any of the quest phases, does not apply to matchmade fireteams.

How to get rat king?

The most critical activity for every Destiny player is to increase their power level, which is the number of their mounted arms and armor levels.

There’s an unspoken race to have the better-looking and rarest gear, with many people devoting their whole lives to looking their best.

Exotic guns and armor were only available in the initial Destiny if you completed those objectives, which were notoriously challenging and almost impossible to achieve.

Many players have already discovered the first one – a sidearm pistol was known as Rat King – in Destiny 2. Getting your hands on the prized gun isn’t straightforward, but if you want to be the envy of your peers, here are the rat king quest steps.

  • Complete the critical tale campaign in Destiny 2. 

Completing all of Destiny 2’s story missions unlocks new word quests, like the Titan’s Enemy of My Enemy quest. Look for the latest blue markers to see what world quests are accessible.

If you need assistance going to the story as soon as possible, check out our Homecoming mission walkthrough.

  • After completing the critical campaign, complete the side quest ‘Enemy of my Enemy.’

The ‘Enemy of the Enemy’ side quest will appear on the planet Titan after you’ve completed all of the story missions and achieved the whole level of 20.

After completing the quest, you’ll get the ‘Rat King’s Crew’ piece, which takes up a spot in your Kinetic weapon slot but isn’t yet usable.

  • Solve the four riddles associated with the item The Rat King’s Crew.

When you view the Rat King’s Crew item in your inventory, you’ll be presented with a series of four riddles that you must solve when partnered with at least one other player in a Fireteam.

Rat King’s Crew can turn into the prized exotic sidearm arms until all four riddles have been solved.

Do you think you’ll be able to complete the Rat King quest on your own?

It’s not easy to complete it on your own. In your Fireteam, you must have someone who has completed the d2 rat king quest.

Where will I get the Rat King sidearm in Destiny 2?

Like several of Destiny 2’s Exotics, the Rat King allows you to complete a unique rat king questline that consists of many stages, several of which are concealed behind several somewhat cryptic riddles.

It’s worth it, however, since the Rat King comes with a couple of cool bonuses: 

  • A boost in damage that stacks up to six times based on how many other allies have the weapon nearby; 
  • And a second or two of invisibility if you reload right after making a kill with the weapon.

It’s beneficial, mainly when six Guardians are all using it simultaneously, so keep that in mind while you read on for instructions on how to get rat king riddle.

What is rat king?
Rat king- the most exotic quest

Rat king’s Crew Guide

If you’re confused about how to acquire the rat king’s crew item to begin the Rat King search, you’ll need to have completed the following criteria in Destiny 2:

  • Finished the quest Enemy of My Enemy
  • Have a minimum of Level 20

After completing the Enemy of My Enemy quest, which was first obtained on Titan, players will get the rat king’s crew guide.

Your decisions throughout the search would have no bearing on whether or not you receive the piece, so do as your heart desires. After you’ve obtained the part, you’ll need to solve the rat king riddle.

Ratking Riddle

You might spend hours staring at the rat king riddle trying to sort them out, but if it is somehow not happening, then we’ve got the answers for you on how to solve the rat king riddle.

Here are the detailed steps for rat king riddle

  • Riddle 1- Complete 3 Patrol missions

 “The destiny 2 rat king’s crew / Good girls and boys / Know where to go / Runs to and fro / Pick up your toys and darn your socks / on errands of woe, on errands we walk.

Complete three patrols for your Fireteam to solve the first of the four mind-boggling Rat King puzzles. Travel to the European Dead Zone and complete the quest ‘Patrol’ to activate the right to perform them if you haven’t already.

You will recruit patrols from blinking green beacons strewn around the many planets until they’ve been unlocked.

  • Riddle 2- Complete 2 Public Events

“The rat king’s crew quest / To fight as one / Goes Arm in arm / So have your fun and run outside / Rally the flag and we’ll never die / To do no harm.”

Join two public events on every world for your Fireteam to answer the second riddle, which is remarkably simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose because all that counts is that you participate, and you’ll get some good prizes for doing so. A win-win situation!

  • Riddle 3- Complete two matches in The Crucible.

“The Rat King’s Crew / They learn to score / With good fights /Then three as one they stand upright / Return from past the wall and wanting more/ Goes four and four.”

The third and final approach is a simple one: play two Crucible matches for your Fireteam. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, and it can be done in either Quickplay or Competitive modes, based on your preference.

  • Riddle 4- Complete the Nightfall Strike with at least 5:00 remaining.

“The Rat King’s Crew / They see destiny 2 rat king nightfall / Stands three as one / Lest five remain hope comes for none/ But watch the clock as you scale the wall / And fear it none.”

The fourth riddle increases the complexity level and is by far the most challenging to answer. You and your Fireteam must defeat the weekly destiny 2 rat king nightfall attack with at least five minutes remaining on the clock this week.

If you haven’t already, complete two standard strikes in the strike playlist and then raise your Power level to 240 to activate destiny 2 rat king nightfall. Beating the weekly Nightfall strike is difficult enough, but doing it with at least five minutes left is much more difficult. 

How can you quickly get the destiny 2 rat king nightfall and strike the attack within five minutes?

In Destiny 2, you’ll need to finish the Arms Dealer Nightfall attack with five minutes left to get your hands on the Rat King eventually. That’s a tall order, but we’ve compiled a list of Nightfall hints to help you out. Follow the below guide, and you’ll be the proud owner of the Rat King.

  • For each Enemy you destroy or help in killing, time is applied to the countdown. To get the most out of your extra time, team up on Enemy kills with just 10 minutes to work with, to begin with, every second count.
  • If you may, try to get over the opponents. If there is a straightforward and secure path, though, you do not need to destroy them all.
  • Have a construct (or at the very least a squad) with damage styles like Void, Arc, and Solar. During the attack, a raise to each type rotates, so knowing how to maximize each is advantageous.
  • Before beginning the attack, raise the Power Level as high as necessary. A Power Level of at least 240 is needed, while a higher is preferable.

The Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike is not in the Destiny 2 rotation since the Nightfall Strike varies every week on Tuesday.

However, you would obtain the Rat King if you finish the Arms Dealer Nightfall with 5 minutes or more left. Visit our Destiny 2 Strike center to determine when the destiny 2 rat king nightfall will be available again.

How to get rat king?
Rat king- the most exotic quest

Which is the rdr2 rat location?

The rat has the most significant population density in the eastern parts, with pockets scattered in the central areas and a greater concentration in Big Valley between Owanjila and Strawberry.

In the cave just north of the Elysian Pool and waterfall, rats are also a problem. Except for Armadillo, rats are very rare in the Grizzlies and almost non-existent in New Austin.

The rats can even be seen in a crowd when you have a chance meeting with a bartender in Saint-Denis, who can inform you that his bar is infested with rats, but they aren’t all flawless 3-star rats.

Is Rat King available in full auto mode?

Rat King has gone full auto to combat this, ensuring that “the rate of fire rise will make a difference while running in a pack.” Additionally, when fireteam members have the Rat King fitted as their kinetic arm, holstered, or in your side, the Rat Pack bonus would be enabled.

If you removed the rat king questline, how do I get it back?

It is gone for good if you uninstall it. The only way to complete the rat king’s crew quest is to use a different character.

Although seeing that you’ve gone to such lengths to procure the Rat King Exotic pistol, you’re naturally curious as to how it works. We’re happy to say that obtaining the Rat King was well worth the effort.

It has deadly stopping ability, but it doesn’t do so at the expense of precision or shooting pace, as the Rat King will shoot as quickly as you can pull the trigger.

Furthermore, if you have the Rat King installed and are close enough to another player who has this Exotic weapon fitted.

A region on the back end of the Rat King would glow orange, indicating that the harm is being compounded due to two Rat Kings being near each other.

It adds a pleasant graphical touch to a tool that already looks amazing, and it makes the Rat King become one of Destiny 2’s most recognizable firearms.


It seems to be easy enough! Aside from the apparent time commitment needed to complete the plot required by many destiny 2 rat king’s crew anyway – all of this is reasonably straightforward.

The most challenging part is finding out what the four Rat King riddle solutions are, and then there’s the matter of actually finishing the final one, which is far from easy.

When you’re tackling the destiny 2 rat king nightfall, hopefully, you’ll have a lot of fun with your latest rat king quest steps.

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