PS4 Overheating

Are you worried about PS4 Overheating ?

Heat build-up is not only inconvenient, but it may also be harmful to your PS 4. Circuit boards may be damaged by prolonged exposure to high temperatures. When it comes to electrical components, heat is their number one enemy.

All gaming consoles, including the PlayStation 4, are built with heat dissipation and ventilation in mind, ensuring that they do not overheat or get too hot. If that’s the case, is it possible for the PS4 to overheat? 

Yes, the PS4 overheats just like any other gadget as it ages or when a component of it fails. The PS4 may crash or freeze in severe instances of overheating, or that it will just switch off by itself without any apparent cause.

Even if the PS4 system does not crash or freeze, excessive heat shortens the lifetime of the PS4’s internal hardware components, such as the CPU, GPU, and hard drive, by a significant amount. It may be anything beyond your control.

I’m here to assist you with your overheating issues, whether it’s a system overload or a regular cleaning task. We will give all the possible reasons for ps4 overheating and give you the ps4 cooling solutions.

PS4 Overheating

What Is the Root Cause Of PS4 Overheating?

Your PS4 includes PS4 parts, and all of them contribute to producing heat when your console turned on. On certain systems, such as the CPU and graphics card, the temperature may reach temperatures dangerously close to boiling point.

Staying within acceptable operating temperatures is particularly essential when the temperature outdoors increases.

Your PS4 can overheat for a variety of different causes. The first is when components, particularly the hard drive and graphics processing unit (GPU), produce more heat than they should.

Another scenario is when the cooling mechanism intended to prevent PS4 overheating (i.e., the PS4 fan) is not performing as expected, and the system crashes.

Overheating may be caused by many factors. Users can resolve at their discretion in the comfort of their homes. A clogged vent or an insufficient amount of space between the vents and other items may cause your PS4 to get overheated.

There will be an increased risk of overheating if there is a lot of dust within the PS4. The temperature in your room, defective hardware or firmware, may all have an impact on your experience.

Is It True That Playstations Are Harmful To The Environment?

The manufacturing and delivery of each PlayStation 4 results in releasing the equivalent of 89 kilos of carbon dioxide into the environment. The ps4 heat causes global warming has produced about 8.9 billion kilos of carbon dioxide, which has been discharged into the environment since its debut in 2013.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A PS4?

Sony will charge you approximately $150 or more for this repair, whereas other repair businesses would charge you far less. My repair business costs $89.99 (which includes parts, labor, and return shipping), and there are likely others in the same ballpark.

What Is Causing The fans On My PlayStation 4 To Be So Loud?

When your PlayStation 4 system becomes too hot to handle, the fan kicks in. If your PS4 becomes overheated, the fan will begin to spin and will most likely become much louder than usual. If there’s anything on or near your PlayStation 4 system, get it out of the way. Wait for a few minutes to check whether your console has ps4 cooling system and become quieter on its own.


What Can I Do To Keep My PlayStation 4 From Overheating?

  • Cleaning procedures daily, as well as adequate ventilation
  • Remove your PS4 from the wall and locate a level area to work on.
  • Take your can of compressed air and carefully guide it through the holes on the back of your PlayStation 4 to the fan.
  • Take time to clean the USB ports thoroughly.
  • Turn your PS4 around and use the can to gently blow out the plug ports on the back of the console.

What Is Causing My PS4 To Be So Noisy, Even After Cleaning it?

A typical result of cleaning the console is that dust is reduced but not eliminated. That is where a significant amount of dust has collected.

To ensure that your PS4 fan loud fix continues to produce a loud fan noise after you have spotless it, ensure that it has been cleaned correctly.

How Often Should I Clean My PlayStation 4?

Once every three months, it is suggested that you clean your PlayStation 4. You can ensure that it is constantly clean and operating as smoothly as it should be in this manner.

What Is The Finest Cooling System For The PlayStation 4?

PS4 cooling systems that is the best

  • ElecGear PS4 Vertical Cooling Stand.
  • Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4.
  • KINGTOP Vertical Stand for PS4.
  • OIVO PS4 Vertical Cooling Stand.
  • Link style Cooling Fan for PS4 Pro.

What Is The Cost Of A PS4 In Its Parts?

Sony spends $381 to manufacture the PlayStation 4, which is $18 less than the $399 selling price of the console. In a hardware breakdown conducted by research company IHS, the bill of materials, which totaled $372, and the per-unit cost of assembly were included in the figure’s calculation.

What Exactly Is A PlayStation 4 Cooling Stand?

PlayStation 4 Slim/Regular, Quite a Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for the PlayStation 4. It will assist in extending the overall life of your game console since the vertical stand creates a fantastic airflow system all around the console.

This charging station has two charging connections for your PlayStation 4 controllers.

What Is Causing My PlayStation 4 Pro To Overheat?

A clogged vent or an insufficient amount of space between the vents and other items may cause your PS4 to get overheated. There will be an increased risk of ps4 pro overheating if there is a lot of dust within the PS4. The temperature in your room, defective hardware or firmware, may all have an impact on your experience.

PS4 Overheating issue

What Are The PS4 Overheating Signs?

The ps4 overheating signs and symptoms of 

  • Sluggish performance. 
  • PS4 Crash/Freeze. 
  • Random Shutdowns. 
  • The PS4 Fan is Too Loud. 
  • Glitches and Errors. 
  • Texture Artifacts. 
  • Your Room Has a New Heater

What Can I Do To Enhance The Airflow On My PlayStation 4?

Fortunately, there are methods for increasing the amount of airflow around your console, ensuring that it runs smoothly and without any unwanted glitches. 

  • Position your PlayStation 4 Pro in a horizontal position.
  • Ensure that no extra objects are obstructing the side and rear vents.
  • Remove the dust accumulated in the vents.

Is There A Heat Sink On The PlayStation 4?

Is your PS4 Slim prone to overheating even though the fan is operational? Your console’s heat sink may have been damaged.

The heat generated by your PlayStation 4 Slim is removed from the system by this component, ventilated by the fan. The PS4 heat sink is a severe problem that must be addressed immediately to prevent overheating, which may be fatal!

What Is The Operation Of The PS4’s Cooling System?

Ootori says that the PS4’s intake distributes airflow between the bottom and top of the device about the airflow characteristics. The air then travels through the heat sink, which cools the console’s power solution, before exiting via the exhaust port.

The engineer also emphasized comparative studies between the PS4 and its predecessor systems.

What Can I Do To Enhance The PS4 Cooling Mods?

Check out our guide on how to keep your ps4 cooling mods enhanced.

  • Make sure your PlayStation 4 has enough space to breathe. The air surrounding your PlayStation 4 must be able to circulate.
  • Make sure your PS4 is clean. When it comes to dust accumulation in the vents of your PlayStation 4, you’d be astonished.
  • Invest in a PlayStation 4 fan.

Should I Maintain My PlayStation 4 In A Vertical Or Horizontal Position?

The amount of space the PS4 takes up when positioned horizontally has always been a source of contention for those who do not have a very large entertainment shelf. If you have a limited amount of room to store your PS4, the best option is to place it in a vertical position.


Is It Required To Change The Thermal Paste On Your PlayStation 4?

It is recommended that you change the thermal paste for ps4 in any electronic device or so since the thermal paste will dry out. Cleaning the heat sync and replacing the thermal paste can restore the performance of your PS4 to its factory-fresh state.

What Are The PS4 parts?

The ps4 parts are:

  • The Main Processor. 
  • DRAM. 
  • Network Co-Processor. 
  • WiFi Module. 
  • PlayStation Camera. 
  • DualShock 4 Controllers.

What Exactly Is The Blue Light Of Death On The PlayStation 4?

The blue light of death on the PlayStation 4 is an issue, arises when the console fails to come after being turned on. The reason for this is when there is a problem with the console’s firmware.

How To Stop A PS4 From Overheating

If you’re having issues with your PS4 overheating, try this troubleshooting method to get things back under control.

  • Wait until your PS4 has been turned off. 
  • Make certain that the airflow is at the correct location. 
  • Verify that your room is at a comfortable temperature. 
  • Remove the dust accumulated in the PS4 vents. 
  • In certain instances, it may be necessary to disassemble your PS4 to remove all of the dust completely. 
  • Manually updating your PlayStation 4 is a good idea. 
  • Make sure your game software is up to date. 
  • Select the game from the main PlayStation 4 menu.
  • If an update is available, choose Install Update from the drop-down menu.
  • Wait for the update to complete installation before attempting to play the game.
PS4 Overheating fixed


If your console’s overheating issue persists after you’ve completed all of the procedures above, you probably have a hardware problem that you will not be able to resolve at home without the use of specialized knowledge and equipment.

It is advisable to delegate additional responsibility for this issue to the experts. So, hopefully, you have got your  PS4 cooling solutions.

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