Oracle Launches ADF to aid Mobile Developers

Oracle, the multinational software giant is aiding mobile phone developers by launching its new oracle application development framework. ADF is an HTML5 and java mobile development framework.

This will allow developers to build and extend enterprise applications for iO5 and Android from a single code base, reducing the amount of time needed to develop an application.

This will have a massive benefit to developers as they will only need to develop their applications once for them to be used on both the iO5 and android operating systems.

In addition, developers will appreciate that ADF mostly requires a working knowledge of javascript and CSS, programs that most developers are already familiar with.

Oracle Launches ADF to aid Mobile Developers
Oracle Launches ADF to aid Mobile Developers

ADF also allows for apps to be specifically tailored for mobile devices or browser-based. Already, companies such as Accenture are adopting the Oracle ADF for their projects.

Derek Steelberg, the global managing director of Oracle business for Accenture believes the application will aid clients to go mobile quickly and cost-effectively:

Similarly Infosys have also been keen to adopt the framework, Ravi Kumar S, Vice President and Global Head of the Oracle Practice at Infosys:

“Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle ADFIn turn, our clients can lower Total Cost of Operation (TCO) and can bring innovative products and services faster to market for their customers.”

Although one of the key benefits of the ADF is that it reduces the number of time developers needs to spend on developing applications, Oracle hopes the ADF will be widely adopted by the developer community and its usage increased.

Already this aim appears to be ringing true, a quick Google search for Java jobs shows that a wide number of job descriptions are already requesting knowledge and understanding of ADF.

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