Nokia shares increase despite revenue decrease

Nokia has announced that they have made losses again this quarter, but despite this, the shares in the company have risen once again, this time rather sharply.

The results from the company, despite posting a loss, were more impressive than people had expected, and this caused shares in the company to rise by nearly 10 percent.

However, the shares in the company are still significantly down on the same period for last year, with a 20 percent decline in value for the same time in 2011.

In the past, Nokia was one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world, however in recent years, with the introduction of smart phones, companies such as Samsung, and Apple, have taken over the mantle of being the world’s leading mobile phone producers.

Nokia shares increase despite revenue decrease
Nokia shares increase despite revenue decrease

Nokia of also recently released significant phones, which are going to be utilising the new operating system for phones from Microsoft, Windows 8.

It is expected that these phones have also helped boost the share price, because many people are expecting them to be successful.

An analyst has recently commented, “We certainly expected of the third quarter of this year was going to be a very tough one for the phone manufacturer, and we also expect that a similar situation is going to be true for the next quarter.

This is because the company are focusing on increasing the production of their new phones, and launching them into a very competitive landscape.”

The introduction of phones that are operating the Windows system is a big step for the company, and it is a change that has occurred under the Chief Executive of the company, Stephen Elop.

The company were previously using the Symbian operating system, but this was phased out from 2010, when Mr Elop took the helm of the company.

It is expected that next year the company are going to experience a rise in profits, assuming that their new mobile phones that are being launched into the market, are successful, and prove popular with consumers.

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