Which Ship Should You Upgrade White Wind vs. Estoque In Lost Ark?

We recommend sticking with and upgrading the Estoque. Both ships have advantages and disadvantages, but we believe the Estoque is the superior ship. There are many aspects that will be discussed in detail later in the blog.

The Lost Ark ships play a significant role in the end-game content, as you will regularly cruise across Arkesia to explore the numerous islands, which are teeming with missions, activities, collectibles, and NPCs to develop rapport with.

You’ll also want to know what the greatest Lost Ark ship is so you can focus on buying the best sailing craft.

So. Let’s dive in and find out which is better: lost ark white wind vs estoque.

Which Ship Is Better, The White Wind Or The Estoque In Lost Ark?

Both ships have advantages and disadvantages. For starters, the White Wind is extremely durable, allowing it to go further without the need to activate marinas or dock in harbors.

On the other hand, the Estoque has a higher base knot speed and greater resilience to dangers, which are zones that diminish the ship’s durability when sailing through.

Because there are various harbors and marinas along the borders, players will almost certainly want more speed and resistance than durability. As a result, upgrading the Estoque rather than the White Wind is preferable.

Then, by selecting your crewmates, you can implement various techniques. Some will increase the ship’s speed, while others will increase its resistance to specific perils.

It depends on where you’re going. It’s probably a safer bet to adjust your crew accordingly.

Both ships are one of the best ships in Lost Ark, but if we compare them, Estoque is a much better option for the players.

The Best Crew For The Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, there are 155 different sailors for each ship, each with its own set of skills and limitations.

Is White Wind Better Than Estoque
lost ark white wind vs estoque

The Estoque has only 19 sailors, and we consider these to be the greatest of the best due to their stats and incredible talents.

  • Cals (Legendary)
  • Cals (Epic)
  • Pupuring (Relic)
  • Pupuring (Epic)
  • Tasha (Rare)

These sailors provide the biggest benefits, such as enhancing the Estoque’s speed without surrendering several critical resistances, such as the Dead Waters.

Upgrade For The Lost Ark Astray

The Astray is considered an end-game ship because it requires a lot of time and resources to acquire.

With an excellent sailing crew, it is arguably the best ship in the game. As seen in the stat chart below, the Astray’s obvious strength is its fast sailing speeds.

Although the base Hazard Resistances may seem lackluster when compared with the Estoque, the Astray has some incredibly talented crew members that can make up for it. Its base hazard resistances at Level 1 are +9, gaining +1 in every resistance at each upgrade.

Upgrading The Astray

After gathering the ingredients for an upgrade, simply dock (press the Z key) your ship at any large city harbor.

Is White Wind Better Than Estoque

Push the Upgrade button at the upper right of the screen, then confirm you have all the necessary materials before pressing the OK button. The ship will be updated immediately.

At each level, upgrading the Astray requires 3–4 different resources. Calculate the cost of seafaring coins, resources, and gold using the tables below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The Estoque The Best Ship For Lost Ark?

The Estoque is our choice for the best Lost Ark ship. There are other justifications for different ships, but the Estoque has the finest stats.

It provides resistance to all dangerous water kinds, allowing you to sail anywhere, and it is also one of the speedier ships.

2. Which Is The Best Ship To Upgrade For Lost Ark?

Overall, the Estoque ship is the finest ship to improve first in Lost Ark. The Estoque ship has the best-balanced stats of any ship, and, more importantly, it has reasonably good resistance to all hazards in the game.

3. Which Boat Is The Fastest Lost Ark?

The Astray has the fastest speed of any ship in Lost Ark, as well as balanced resistance stats against the various hazardous glasses of water.

To reach its full capability, the ship requires significant cash to build and modify, as well as pricey crew members.

4. How Do You Get To Estoque In Lost Ark?

The Estoque will be your first ship in Lost Ark. It is earned from the main questline at about level 35–40, just before leaving Wavestrand Port in East Luterra and traveling across the sea to Tortoyk Island.

Despite the fact that there are eight distinct ships in the game, most players prefer to upgrade the Estoque first.

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