How To Get The Lab To Level 3 In The Lost Ark Updated 2022

The laboratory is the most essential facility present inside a stronghold. Upgrading the stronghold naturally improves other features.  As a result, to level up your lab, you must strengthen your defense by completing assignments and doing research. In addition, consider these suggestions for improving your lab:

  1. If you want to level up, you should complete all the research in the laboratory.
  2. The quickest and best way to do this is to first do the research which takes less time. You may also finish this research while you’re playing the game. Additionally, you can finish the coursework in 2-3 hours if you intend to play for a few.
  3. In addition, research that takes longer than others can be started when you are about to take a break, allowing you to finish it by the time you open the game next time.
  4. Upgrade your stronghold as well. Task completion will offer you a tiny boost in feature leveling. Along with upgrading your laboratory, you should also upgrade your lost ark station level 3

So, this is how lab level 3 in stronghold lost ark can be achieved. 

How To Uncap FPS In Lost Ark

There is no way to unlock the framerate cap in Lost Ark. However frame rates can be raised in two straightforward methods. You must change your GPU driver first. To remove the FPS cap in Lost Ark, follow these steps.

  1. Launch Lost Ark by selecting Settings. Select Fullscreen or Borderless Window as the screen option under the Video menu. Close the game after you’ve made the necessary changes.
  2. For AMD, launch the AMD Radeon software. To find Lost Ark, visit the Gaming tab, then click it. As a result, synchronization for Radeon Enhanced gets enabled. 
  3. For NVIDIA, open the Nvidia Control Panel. Select Program Settings by clicking the Manage 3D Settings tab. Choose Lost Ark from the executables on offer. Players need to turn off Vertical Sync. Click “Apply” to keep your changes in place.

As soon as the above-mentioned steps are completed, the Lost Ark FPS cap will be removed. As a result, it will spin as fast as your hardware allows it to. 

However, it is recommended that you should close all the running apps in the background to avoid framerate drops.

Lost Ark: How To Get Bifrost Key

how to get a lab to level 3 lost ark

The Bifrost is a way of quickly reaching any specified location. With the help of the keys and the map’s save sites, you can unlock Bifrost slots.

There are 5 Bifrost keys available in Lost Ark. Each key would help you unlock a Bifrost slot. The first Bifrost key can be achieved easily without putting in a lot of effort.

You can access the next two Bifrost slots if you have Crystalline Aura. It costs about $10 and is available through the Lost Ark shop. If you purchase the Founder’s Packs, Crystalline Aura would be yours for 30 days. As long as you possess the Aura, you may use these slots. It is a reward for buying a paid player. When your subscription expires, it will vanish.

The simplest and most popular way to obtain a Bifrost Key is by reaching Roster Level 60. It will be ranked fourth on the list. You can navigate the Lost Ark environment by getting a Bifrost key, though it will take some time.

The very last approach is to collect Ignea Tokens. Players receive these tokens after finishing any Arkesia zone with a 100% completion rate. At Lost Ark, you can have a maximum of 14 Ignea Tokens. You will receive one additional Bifrost Key if you have nine.

You will have five Bifrost slots after completing these activities, four of which can be opened using keys. The enormous landscape of The Lost Ark can be navigated more easily if all of the Bifrost points are unlocked. However, it is not important to do so.

How To Get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark

There are two methods to get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark.

It is available for purchase at the Rohendel branch locations of the Plumpcrab Fishing & Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessels. It is also available for purchase from Trade Merchants inside your Stronghold. Bilbrim Timber is simple to acquire after you have access to the Rohendel Travelling Merchant Ships. Access to them must be enabled as quickly as possible.

You need to get to Rohendel before you can get to item level 460. A New Voyage is a quest that can be finished. In the centre, a mystical wall will first obstruct your way.

They are also available in Lost Ark. You can purchase them from trade merchants in Stronghold.

how to get a lab to level 3 lost ark

It is achievable to acquire it in this manner. Finding a Trade Merchant who sells Bilbrin Timber, nevertheless, will take some luck. It isn’t always trustworthy. The Timber is not included in the list for all Trade Merchants. If a Trade Merchant is present, you cannot be certain that they will sell the Timber.

Another possibility is that there are no Trade Merchants accessible to purchase the unlocked Timber.

How To Get Field Boss Cards Lost Ark

how to get a lab to level 3 lost ark

When it comes to Field Boss cards, there are two completely distinct units you can obtain: Field Bosses I and II

Field Boss I: The Field Boss I has ten different subject bosses that must be fought before you can collect their playing cards. These include Rovlen, Salt Giant, and Thunderwings’ Rudric. Each of them may show up anywhere on the map.

Once you have collected all ten cards, your Swiftness will increase by two and you will receive an extra 0.06% benefit when fighting Undead Level 20. At levels 40 and 50, you’ll additionally get a 0.07% bonus when fighting the undead.’

Field Boss II: Seven different bosses need to be defeated in Field Boss II. Tarsila and Sol Grande, Maneth, and Kagros are a few of these. Each of them is movable and may show up elsewhere on the map.

At level 14, after obtaining all seven playing cards, you will acquire a plus-two increase to Swiftness and a 0.06% bonus when facing Humanoids. At awakening levels 28 and 35, you’ll also receive a boost of 0.07% when facing up against Humanoids.

The growth of your character in Lost Ark depends on each Field Boss card unit. These cards will show you how to quickly and effectively sift big teams and fight longer. All of them are worthwhile even though they might take some work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you level up the lab in the stronghold of Lost Ark?
  1. Completing the Stronghold tutorials
  2. Crafting items
  3. Performing Research
  4. Sending ships out on expeditions
  5. Completing Station Quests
  6. Completing weekly Stronghold Quests

2. What is the fastest way to level up the stronghold lost in Ark?
Completing station tasks is by far the greatest way to level your stronghold, so make sure one is active at all times when you’re playing Lost Ark.

3. Does level matter in Lost Ark?
Ans. Yes, it is very important to increase the level of the lost ark. It has a direct impact on the character’s performance.

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