Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armory

Are you stuck in the horizon zero dawn ancient armor side quest? Want to clear the quest in the first attempt?

If you’ve been playing Horizon Zero Dawn for more than a few hours, you’ve probably heard about these mysterious ancient armory power cells.

Power Cells are scattered around the game environment. They are required to unlock something extraordinary: a hidden piece of armor known as the shield weaver armor, which offers Aloy near-invincibility and dramatically transforms how you can play the game. In a nutshell, it is by far the most excellent armor in the game.

So, with that out of the way, here’s our guide to the horizon zero dawn power cell locations, how to discover them, and how to get the impenetrable shield weaver armor.

Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armor

Horizon Zero Dawn has a side mission called Ancient Armory. A long-forgotten Old One’s Bunker hidden deep inside the Sacred Lands of the Nora houses a strange suit of armor hidden behind guarded Ancient Doors. Aloy has to acquire five Power Cells scattered over the planet to get entry.

The quest’s completion

  • This mission will be initiated the first time Aloy encounters one of the Power Cells during the primary mission or the first time she enters the Bunker, whichever comes first.
  • Suppose Aloy visits the rock formation east of Mother’s Rise before acquiring a Power Cell. In that case, the quest will be started once she climbs down into an underground lake using handholds and then follows the trail into the underground Bunker.
Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armor
Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armor
  • If Aloy does not go to the Bunker, the quest will begin when she picks up one of the Power Cells necessary to unlock the closed Ancient Doors. The first four Power Cells are easy to come by during the main quest, but the fifth requires Aloy to return to the ruins where she first discovered her Focus as a kid. During The Womb of the Mountain, you may get your first Power Cell.

Ancient Armory Power Cells

You must first complete the required mission to find the horizon zero dawn power cell locations. To do so:

  • Go to Embrace, which is in the center of the global map on the eastern side, where Aloy begins the game.
  • Look for several rusted pylons near an extensive rock formation southwest of Devil’s Thirst to locate a ruin.
  • Climb to the top of the cliffs and descend into a tiny underground lake, then continue the path until you reach a break in the rock face that leads to an old, high-tech bunker.
  • As soon that you step in, you’ll see the Shield-Weaver armor, but obtaining it isn’t as straightforward. 
  • A closed entrance to the chamber where the armor is stored, secured by five locks, can be found to the right. 
  • Two are functioning, but the other three are not, necessitating the use of power cells. 
  • To unlock the armor’s locks, you’ll need three more power batteries once this door is opened. 
  • The Ancient Armory mission will be triggered as a result of your exams, and you’ll have to collect five Horizon Zero Dawn power cells. This is how you can go about doing it.

Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn power cells are strewn around the world, and some are linked to quest-opening places, so this isn’t something you can do right away. You’ll need a certain amount of patience. Return to the Bunker as soon as possible, begin the quest and keep an eye out for any related objectives or places.

You can gain the armor a long way before the end of the game if you start with the first task and then check the power cells off as you progress. It makes the latter levels much simpler.

Once any of the five Power Cells have been obtained, the quest will appear in the Side Quests menu. The power cells are listed below in the sequence in which you may collect them throughout the main questline.

The First Power Cells-Ancient ruins

  • A young Aloy will tumble into an ancient, abandoned high-tech facility underground at the start of Horizon Zero Dawn. 
  • She manages to get out of there without difficulty, but once you play as the grown-up Aloy, you’ll want to get back there as soon as possible. 
  • After passing through the set of bunker doors you had to figure out how to open as a youngster, you’ll come to a doorway blocked by stalactites directly ahead of you. 
  • Smash them with your spear to open a door inside the chamber, and the Horizon Zero Dawn power cell will appear right in front of you. 
  • A green diamond will accompany it.

The Second Power Cells – All-Mother Mountain

  • The second Horizon Zero Dawn power cell can be found at all mother temples, which you will encounter after completing The Proving questline. 
  • Do not follow Teresa to the left once you’ve discovered all of your belongings in the vast chamber. 
  • Instead, go straight ahead to the sealed bunker entrance, which will be illuminated with a brilliant red flashing hologram. 
  • You’ll notice a tunnel if you turn left and gaze down. Crawl to the finish, and you’ll find the next power cell there.

The Third Power Cells- Maker’s End

Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Locations
Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Locations
  • Climbing enthusiasts will appreciate the third Horizon Zero Dawn power cell location, which is located at the very top of the Faro tower. 
  • Aloy travels there as part of the Maker’s End quest, which leads to – you guessed it – the ruins of Maker’s End. 
  • Ascend to the very top of the tower, where Faro’s office is located. 
  • Turn around, climb up to the platform at the bottom of the enormous strut that stretches upwards, terminates at the peak of the skyscraper once you’re outdoors. 
  • You’ll want to hoist yourself up the wall using the handholds that have been put inconspicuously up the wall; follow them to the top, where the green power cell will be waiting.

The Fourth Power Cells – Grave-Hoard

  • The fourth power cell may be found in the Grave-Hoard, where you’ll be dispatched to as part of the ‘Grave-Hoard’ main objective. 
  • After you’ve solved the three lock problems to unlock the old bunker doors, go straight ahead and unlock another set of bunker doors on the left side of the hallway.
  • Because you’ll be running directly by it during the main ‘Grave-Hoard’ mission, all you have to do is glance down, and the grave hoard power cell will be at your feet, beside a supply box and some mushrooms.

The Fifth Power Cells – GAIA Prime

  • Finally, you must complete the mission titled “The Mountain That Fell.” 
  • Make your way to GAIA Prime and return down the stairs after you’ve seen the hologram of Faro talking to the alpha scientists in the boardroom. 
  • Not attempt to descend the zip wire. 
  • Slowly approach the edge of the cliff, to the left of it, outside the destroyed metal building, and to the left of the curving metal struts.
  • The option to ‘drop down to ledge’ will appear, providing a secret passage down to a place concealed in plain sight. 
  • Aloy will discover the course downstairs by moving to the left. When you reach a ledge, drop down and turn right, leaping up to a higher level containing medicinal mushrooms. 
  • Enter the purple-lit chamber, and there you have it. On a shelf to your right, you’ll find the Gaia prime power cell.

Getting the locks opened

  • Return your five Power Cells and slide two of them into the empty slots. 
  • You must now complete a task in which you must rotate each of the five holograms into a particular position. 
  • Five 24-hour horizons zero dawn armory code in military time will be shown on display to the right. 
  • Consider each hologram as a clock, then set it to the appropriate time. 
  • The first door is open, and five additional holographic locks may be found on the right side of the new area. 
  • Utilize the last three Power Cells, and a panel on the left will provide angle readings this time (90 degrees, 270 degrees, etc.). 
  • Flip the locks to the following places (from left to right): right, left, up, right, left, 
  • The last obstacle has now been removed, allowing you to go in and grab your prize.

Shield Weaver Armor

The Shield-Weaver, also known as the UltraWeave Mk7.1, is a highly specialized and robust outfit. The armor gives up the ability to customize it in exchange for a very durable, rechargeable force shield that absorbs all incoming damage, significantly improving Aloy’s fighting skills.

An exoskeleton with a complete helmet, heavy chest plates and armor plates on the waist and thighs is included in the original Ultraweave power armor suit. Major Garrow protects with a 400 eV hard light micro-projector and uses flexible nano-fiber weave instead of plating.

Shield Weaver Armor
Shield Weaver Armor

Aloy stumbled upon a suit of Ultraweave armor locked in place by old security systems when struggling into an old armory in the Sacred Land. She would uncover power cells amid ruins on her trek, which she would use to rebuild the security lock and get access to the armor. The Shield Weaver costume was made by merging the components of the armor with some of her prior costumes.

The Shield Weaver is a modified Nora Brave suit with some armor on the head, chest, shoulders, and knees that may be earned instead of the full Ultraweave power armor.

Horizon Zero Dawn Shield Weaver Armor Door Power Cell

  • After returning to the ruins, turn around to the right and insert two Horizon Zero Dawn power cells into the damaged hologram slots. 
  • The holograms will come to life, but the doors will only open if you swivel them into a precise position. 
  • Five 24-hour time codes will be shown on the correct display: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, and 0000.
  • If you visualize each lock as a clock face, it shouldn’t take much thought to figure out that you’ll have to match the holographic locks’ positions to these times.
  • Move the red section to the following locations from right to left: top, right, bottom, left, and top.

Unlocking Shield-Weaver Armor Clamps 

  • You may now get a closer look at the futuristic (or, more precisely, old) armor, but you still can’t get your hands on it. 
  • To uncover five additional holographic locks, go through the doors on the left side of the chamber. 
  • Another code will appear on the left when you’ve stuffed the last three Horizon Zero Dawn power cells into each gap. The following figures are presented this time: 90, 270, 360, 450, and 630.
  • Because these are angle codes, you’ll need to rotate the red parts to the following places (from left to right): right, left, top, right, and left. 
  • There’s a bang! The clamps have now been released, allowing you to finish the quest and get a Shield-Weaver treasure chest as a prize. 
  • The most fantastic armor in Horizon Zero Dawn may be found within. 
  • Take pleasure in the experience.

Horizon Zero Dawn Holo Lock Puzzle

Horizon Zero Dawn Holo Lock Puzzle
Horizon Zero Dawn Holo Lock Puzzle

Horizon Zero Dawn has holo lock puzzles as locking mechanisms. They’re seldom utilized, yet they’re generally the only thing that stands between you and a fantastic reward. They’re solved by turning a lot of dials in the right places. There are general tips on solving them strewn around the problem, but they’re easy to miss. 

Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armory Puzzle

  • There are two holo lock puzzles you have to solve to get the UltraWeave armor. You’ll still need to select the five power cells before you can decode them. If you scan the box adjacent to the first one, you’ll notice several times of day printed in the 24-hour format. But the optimal answer is: up, up, down, down, up.
  • The second puzzle is on the other side of the wall, only accessible after breaking the first one. When you search the package, it will send you a lot of angles. Knowing that 360 degrees is a complete circle and the numbers grow clockwise, the answer is simple: right, left, up, right, left.
  • Grave-hoard Puzzle.
  • To unlock a door in the Grave-hoard mission, you must complete three riddles. On a neighboring audio log, the clue is recorded on the lower level, on your left. It will pretty much tell you the solution if you listen to it: up, right, left, and down.
  • The second problem, located on the right side of the lower level, is relatively straightforward.

There are several unfinished circles in the box adjacent to it if you scan it. The missing pieces indicate that they are in the correct place. It causes the answer to rising.

  • The last one is located on the second level. It’s also the most straightforward of the three. It will show you four circles with red lines going in different directions if you scan the code next to it. These four directions represent the answer: up, down, left, and right.

Restore Power To The Bunker Door

You may restore power to the Bunker Door in Horizon Zero Dawn with the first two Power Cells. Aloy must aim to get the ultra weave armor, which is the most excellent hidden armor in the game. She has two power cells and is capable of recharging the bunker door’s batteries. Aloy, on the other hand, will need three more powerful storms.


Once that’s done, the armor is yours to keep! Return to the middle chamber, where the Shield-Weave armor is now accessible via the open door. Please pick it up, then available, and equip the box you have in your inventory to enjoy the advantages.

Hopefully, this article makes your path towards the horizon zero dawn ancient armor quest easier than ever.

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