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Esports has emerged as the new most preferred form of betting. There are thousands of matches being played every day, and bookmakers offer odds on different aspects of competitive play. Moreover, the eSports fan base has grown dramatically; however, it is nowhere near the traditional sports fan base.

The biggest impediment to the growth of eSports is that many people don’t know what eSports is all about. As a result, they don’t know much about betting on eSports. Bettors bet on games they understand as they can form a winning strategy based on knowledge. In this sense, you can check this site for the best online slots platforms you can play with real money. Keep reading this piece to discover what eSports is and how eSports betting works. Let’s dig in!

What Is Esports?

Esports is an abridged term for electronic sports. It basically refers to competitive video gaming. So, what does that really mean? It involves gamers playing video games against each other in a competitive setting. Well, this is not something new, is it? You’ve probably been competing with your mates in your homes on consoles and computers.

In the past, the only way to play video games against your friends was by sitting side by side on the same machine. Nowadays, you can compete with your friends over the internet. This means that you can compete against the best players around the world.

Studies have revealed that over a billion people play video games globally. This shows how popular video gaming has become. However, not all these gamers play against each other; some still enjoy games solo.

Different Types of Gamers

  • Casual gamers – these are gamers that play video games for fun only. Most casual gamers participate in tournaments and organized contests, but they do it solely for fun. While these casual contests are technically considered eSports, the term is mainly used to refer to professional gaming.
  • Professional gamers – these gamers play games professionally. Like professional athletes in traditional sports, they take gaming as a career, with some of the biggest contests having millions of dollars at stake as prize money.

Esports Audiences

Moreover, the contests usually attract live audiences and millions watching globally. Online fans watch via streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube. The popularity of eSports has even attracted big TV networks such as ESPN, who also broadcast eSports contests.

Top Esports Games

There are certain games that are more popular in the eSports world. Notable examples include:

  • Call of Duty
  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • PUGB
  • Super Smash Bros
  • League of Legends

It is critical to note that you don’t have to master all the popular games. Instead, identify those that you plan to bet on and learn about them. It is also critical to understand the structure and format of different eSports tournaments that you intend to wager on. Some of the major eSports tournaments you should be aware of include:

  • eGames
  • League of Legends World Championships
  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • World Electronic Sports Games
  • Call of Duty Championship

Esports Betting

There are multiple ways you can bet on eSports. However, they’re the popular ones that you can consider, including:

  • Fantasy betting – technically speaking, this is not betting that is similar to fantasy sports for traditional sports. In this case, you develop your rosters using eSports players.
  • Social betting – Social betting is quite popular in the eSports fan base. In this form of betting, friends and online contacts place informal wagers on the outcome of events between themselves.
  • Skin betting – this form of eSports betting is also referred to as item betting. It is also prevalent in the eSports betting fan base. Here, you will find sites that allow you to use items and currencies to wager on games. Moreover, you can use them to wager on eSports contests outcomes in the place of real money.
  • Real money betting – this form of eSports betting is closest to traditional sports betting. It works similar to how you bet on boxing, football, and golf tournaments. In this form of betting, you place real money bets at agreed odds. Then, you get paid out if your selections are correct. Moreover, you can wager on different outcomes like match winners or overall tournament winners.
  • Challenge betting – it is also referred to as head-to-head betting. Here, gamers compete against each other for skins, items, or real money. Many gamers organize bets among themselves then settle up the moment the contest is over.

Esports Betting Tips

You must consider several things if you want to make money from eSports betting. While there is a lot you need to know, here are critical tips to have at the back of your mind:

  • Ensure you understand odds and how to calculate odds.
  • Have excellent research and analysis skills.
  • Always compare odds and perform line shopping.
  • Understand how to find value in betting odds.
  • Keep records of your wagering and analyze your performance.
  • Have proper bankroll management and an effective wagering strategy.
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