How To Fix Elden Ring Connection Error Returning To Your World

Playing in Elden Ring can be a challenge. Now, you have to deal not only with the in-game difficulties but also with connection issues while playing the game. Elden Ring connection error returning to your world is such an error message.

You may encounter it while helping other players in beating the boss in the game. For solving this issue, you may try some steps.

  1. Change the router’s port for a better connection.
  2. Verify the status of the server of Elden Ring.
  3. Verify the network connection.
  4. Try to fix this issue by turning off the voice chat in Elden Ring.
  5. Restart Elden Ring after closing it.
  6. Reset the summoning system.

The above-mentioned steps are the possible fixes for the issue Elden Ring connection error returning to your world. Keep reading to learn more.

Elden ring connection error returning to your world

Reasons Behind The Issue Elden Ring Connection Error Returning To Your World

When the issue ‘Connection Error Returning to Your World’ occurs, it leaves players in an annoying condition. Players of Elden Ring have to leave the game in the middle. For this reason, players may also end up losing the game.

Now, there are various reasons why you are encountering such an issue in Elden Ring. The major cause of this connection error is some interruptions in your internet connectivity. Apart from this reason, there may be other causes that can cause this issue.

  1. The summoned sign you are using is already been used.
  2. The multiplayer server of the game, Elden Ring is unstable at the time you are playing.
  3. The voice chat is enabled at the time you are playing and it is causing errors in the network.
  4. Some router problems are causing this connection error in Elden Ring

All these above-mentioned reasons are the possible causes of this issue.

In the below points, the possible fixes for the ‘Elden Ring connection error returning to your world’ are also mentioned.  

How Can You Fix The Issue: Elden Ring A Connection Error Occurred

Elden ring connection error returning to your world

Now that we have discussed the reasons behind the connection error returning to your world, you need to learn the possible solutions to fix this error.

  1. You Need To Change The Port Of The Router For A Better Connection

So, changing the port of your router is one of the potential fixes that players can try to fix this connectivity error. You should connect the Ethernet Cable to another port of your router to get a better internet connection. This solution often solves so many issues including connection errors.  

  1. You Should Verify The Status Of The Multiplayer Server In Elden Ring

The error notification might occur due to an issue with the multiplayer server of Elden Ring itself. Therefore, if you see that you are not able to join your friends or your friends can’t play with you, it might happen because the multiplayer server is going through some maintenance procedures.

But, you will not be able to verify this with any method. So, the only thing you can try is to try to connect to your friends after some time. Now, you find out that this problem has not occurred due to the server issues, you need to go through other possible fixes.

  1. You Need To Verify Your Network Connection

Are you facing this particular connection error while playing Elden Ring? If yes, then you might need to verify your network connection and check if it is working rightly or not. A bad internet connection is often the reason for this connection error returning to your world in Elden Ring.

You need to have your ping higher than 120 milliseconds. So, you should try to upgrade your internet connection to that level. If your internet speed is the only reason, you really need to fix it or go for selecting another internet connection with better speed.

  1. You Should Try To Fix This Issue By Turning Off The Voice Chat In Elden Ring.

Sometimes, enabled voice chats in Elden Ring can be the main cause of so many issues including connectivity errors. When the server of the game is unable to connect to the voice chat for some reason, you might get the ‘Connection error returning to your world’ issue.

The simple fix for this error that you can try is to turn off the voice chats while you are in the game.

  1. First, players need to go to the settings of the game, Elden Ring.
  2. After that, they have to select the Network option.
  3. At last, players can turn off the in-game voice chats in the network tab.
  4. Now, players have to verify whether the connectivity error is still in the game or not.
  5.  Restart The Game Elden Ring After Closing It

Restarting the game to fix any issue regarding your game is one of the oldest tricks. However, it always works. So, you need to do a simple reboot of the game Elden Ring for restarting it. You will be able to do the restarting process on any device including PlayStation, PC, or Xbox.

When you restart the game Elden Ring after closing it, you are then allowed to reset the game and a fresh start.

Many users have told us that restarting the game Elden Rig helps to sort out this particular connectivity issue.

So, try it and solve the error. In case restarting the game does not work, try another method to solve the error.

Elden ring connection error returning to your world

  1. You Need To Reset The Summoning System

The reason this option is kept at the bottom of the list of fixes is that it is nothing but a temporary solution. When you encounter a connection error in the game, you need to reset the summoning system of the game Elden Ring with the help of the Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

You need to use the Furlcalling Finger Remedy twice in the game. When you use it for the first time, it will disable the summoning signs of gold colors.

When you use the remedy for the second time, the summoning signs will be turned on again.

Now, try to summon your friend and check whether the connectivity error still prevails in the game or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why do I keep losing connection in Elden Ring?
You might keep losing connection in Elden Ring for multiple common reasons. You might get various connection error notifications as well. Here are some of the possible causes for which you are losing connection in Elden Ring.

  1.       An outdated software.
  2.       An outdated game.
  3.       Server issues
  4.       Enabled in-game voice chats.
  5.       Missing windows update (only for those who use a PC)
  6.       Poor internet connection.

2.Why does my network status keep failing on Elden Ring?
Just like the connectivity issues, a failed network status on Elden Ring can show up on the screen for multiple reasons. It may be an outdated game, poor internet connection, or server issues. But the major reason for which players might encounter a continuous failing of network status on Elden Ring is corrupted game files.

Final Thoughts
Online playing and connectivity issues are always going hand-in-hand. So, you can’t have Elden Ring without some common connectivity issues. But you should not let these issues hamper your game.

Though all the above-discussed methods are possible fixes for this issue, they work quite well for every player of Elden Ring. One of these fixes will surely help players get rid of the connection issue in Elden Ring. All the best and happy gaming!

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