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Want to know the dishonored 2 safe combinations?

The highly anticipated sequel to Bethesda’s critically acclaimed Dishonored series is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Dishonored 2 has a compelling plot and two playable characters – Emily and Corvo. Once again, stealth is central to Dishonored 2, as are several hidden mysteries, puzzles, and obstacles.

Throughout Dishonored 2, players may discover and unlock safes. Most levels/missions have secret safes, which we encourage locating and unlocking. They feature essential goods that assist you in achieving 100 percent completion, such as weapons and artifacts.

Two considerations should be made while seeking for Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations and Safe Locations. First, combinations encountered in the game world or map, such as behind a picture or inscribed on a wall, will always be identical.

Each mission has several safes with different types of treasure. It’s a good idea to open any safes you come across since you’re likely to discover costly stuff.

When unlocking safes, take in mind that many combinations found in writings (such as papers) and elsewhere are randomized. It means they will be unique each time you complete the assignment and attempt to access the related safe.

In this article, I have included information on how to get various dishonored 2 safe combinations.

When it comes to unlocking safes, bear in mind that many of the combinations you’ll discover in writings and some written in the world are random. It means they’ll be different each time, and you have to complete the mission and attempt to access the related safe.

Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations

Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations
Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations

Combinations are used to access safes and some locked doors throughout the Dishonored franchise’s games and DLCs.

In Dishonored and its DLC, these codes are often a single unique code or a collection of many codes. Safe combinations are primarily random in Dishonored 2. 

To generate these combinations instead of a static three-digit number, check the below list:-

A Long Day In Dunwell

Dishonored 2 Galvani safe
  • It marks the 15th anniversary of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin’s assassination. Individuals from all around the world have flocked to Dunwall Tower to commemorate the event. 
  • Following your exit from the Dunwell Tower, enter the building on the left and make your way to Dr. Galvani’s laboratory.
  • 451 is a dishonored 2 Galvani safe combination.
  • The combination is now being tested in the laboratory on a painting of Lady Boyle.

Edge Of The World

Dishonored 2 overseer safe building
  • You’re on the quest for the Crown Killer, and your investigation has led you to Addermire Institute. 
  • The safe is located on the third level of the Overseer Building.
  • Combination: random is the dishonored 2 safe combinations edge of the world.
  • The Seven Scriptures conceal the combination. 
  • Two dishonored 2 overseers safe are hard at work creating a music box in the neighboring room. 
  • You must discover a note that instructs you to memorize three specific texts. Now compare this to the seven scriptures located beside the safe.

Winslow Safe Company 

  • After the tasks, make your way down the street from Addermire Station to the Winslow Safe Company. This safe presents a challenge to everyone who attempts to open it.
  • Combination: random
  • The combination is written on a note beside the cash register at the front desk.

The Good Doctor

Addermire Institute Lobby

  • It would help if you blinked or Far Reach to the dishonored 2 admire safe location of the Wall of Light power. Proceed to the abandoned wing, where you will find a slain corpse beside a locked vault.
  • Combination: random
  • Within the same room, look for a note.

Dishonored 2 Vasco Safe

Dishonored 2 Vasco Safe
Dishonored 2 Vasco Safe
  • The safe is located in Dr. Vasco’s office, located at the far end of the Disease Treatment wing.
  • Combination: the good doctor safe combination
  • He shares a room with Dr. Hypatia. Outside the main operation room, in the little hall on the lower level, search for it. Consult your physician to get the correct mix.

Clockwork Mansion Safe

Lower Aventa District Safe
  • Locate an apartment building at the start of the task. To get a better viewing point, you must use the balcony area across the market. Extremely Ascend to the balcony overlooking the black market.
  • Bear in mind that you must approach the closed building on this side of the road through a fourth-floor door. You enter via the balcony to reach the fourth story, which is infested with Blood flies. 
  • Proceed to the basement, where you’ll come upon a few crooks. Additionally, you will discover a lady here who has the safe.
  • Combination: The combination to this safe may be found on a whiteboard outside the room.

The Royal Conservatory

Dishonored 2 Winslow safe
  • Locate the safe in an abandoned structure near the conservatory.
  • Royal Conservatory safe combination: You get the combination to this safe as a prize after completing a task for a Black Market trader. 
  • It would help if you got the Roseburrow Prototype to gain entry to his business.
  • The combination is written on a note inside the business. Additionally, you may pay 250 to the shopkeeper for the combination.

A Crack In The Slab

Stilton’s Mansion Safe
  • This one is a bit tough, so pay close attention to how you need to perform it. Because Stilton’s estate is unguarded at the moment, you are free to roam as much as you wish while collecting. Proceed to the nobleman’s private chambers and descend through the floor to the music room. To get the Timepiece, speak with Stilton and the Outsider.
  • The Timepiece enables you to toggle between different periods. You may tour the home in its current state or go back three years to view it in its previous state. Naturally, as you go through time, the house will be guarded, but you may gather more items and locate the safe.
  • The mansion has a closed boiler room with a safe within, although this was in the past.
  • Safe Combination: You must transport a wolfhound’s body to the past and cremate it using the furnace. 
  • Return to the safe in the current moment after the cremation is complete and you see the correct combination has already been applied to the safe.

Dishonored 2 Grand Palaces Safe

Dishonored 2 Grand Palaces Safe
Dishonored 2 Grand Palaces Safe
Ravina Boulevard Safe
  • Take your heart out and acquire a sense of what is strewn over this map. Continue down the docks until the route forks, at which point bear left. Continue down the path until you get to several guards; do not approach them; instead, Far Reach over the balconies above the path.
  • Ascend to a circular platform in the center of which is a big tree. Determine the location of the Watchtower, which overlooks this region and Far Reach. Switch off its Whale Oil Tank and wait for the guards below you to disperse before Far-Reaching to the next apartment block.
  • Ascend to the third level and enter using an Apartment Key (The Key can be found near the Winslow Safe Company store register). The safe is located inside this flat.
  • Safe Combination: 123
  • There is a photograph of a guy with a safe behind him; the combination is visible in the picture.

Empress’s Demise

  • Dr. Galvani’s Safe – The identical safe you took in the previous assignment may be broken into one last time. 
  • It is situated in the same building as before – the previous structure on the side next to Dunwall Tower’s main entrance. 
  • This time, when you open the door, it is activated to fire flaming bolts at you. 
  • The combination is identical and remains on the portrait painting on the other side of the room.

What Is The Dishonored 2 Mission 8 Safe Code?

Take the key from the register, make your way along, opposite boulevard to the building directly across the Wall of Light. A significant hint lies close to the safe in his flat.

How do you access the dishonored 2 mission 8 safe code?

The Grand Palace is the eighth mission. Turn toward the large wooden wall as you enter the courtyard with the enormous tree. On the left, enter the next building. Ascend the stairs and enter the apartment using Shadow Walk/Possession. The safe will be located in a spacious room. A picture of him standing next to it reveals the combination in the photo: 1 – 2 – 3

Elex Safe Codes

Continuing with the Elex Security Codes, we will now explain how to locate them and the locations of those discovered yet.


The first codes you’ll encounter are those for the locked boxes. They do not provide a huge obstacle, but you must always have the correct key on hand. Otherwise, it will be a significant struggle since you cannot force, hack, damage, or use brute force to unlock them. That is not acceptable to them.


The second sort of code you’ll encounter with these unusual safes equipped with this specific form of lock is those for safes.

Which are classified into three categories:

  • Level 1: These have a somewhat liberal time restriction and are reasonably easy to complete. Hacking.
  • Level 2: These have a shorter time restriction and often contain merely garbage things. However, they sometimes include more valuable goods.
  • Level 3: These are the trivial phrases; they are more elaborate and often (but not always!) include expensive goods.
Elex Safe Codes
Elex Safe Codes
  • In the home’s second story, a bedroom is overrun by mutants—teleporter (the greetings card has the combination).
  • The ground floor of a home infested with mutants south of the farm, as accessed through the Small Farm’s teleporter (Combination: 3327, is marked on a table).
  • Outside Walter’s home in Ignadon, on the porch (Combination: 7531, marked on the back wall of the building).
  • On the ground level of a substantial brick structure south of Thorald (Combination: 1848, marked on the wall next to the staircase). > / li
  • On the bottom level of an abandoned factory, just south of the Snow Pass teleporter (Combination: 2541).

Viscera Cleanup Detail Door Codes

The office has three locked keypad doors, but first and foremost, do you know where the office is? If not, locate the Office button in the main menu and click it to spawn in the office.

First Locked Door Foyer (Hub Room) > Exit via the most appropriate doorway > Right

Second Locked Door Location: Locker Room – To your left is a room with two huge, moveable metal cabinets; move them to reveal the door.

Third Locked Door Location:-After completing the first locked door, enters the next chamber to locate the third.

Detail Of Viscera Cleanup – Codes

The bad news is that there are no codes since each code is unique and random in each gaming; however, the good news is that codes are pretty simple to discover. You must enter a four-number combination, and the display will flash if you input the correct number in the proper spot. Therefore this is the technique we recommend:

Assume the code is 3826, but you don’t know it; thus, enter the following codes:

  • 1111: There will be no flashing digits
  • 2222: When the third number flashes, you’ll know the code is xx2x.
  • 3333: The first number will flash, indicating that the code is now 3x2x.
  • No digit will flash in 4444.
  • 5555: There will be no flashing digits
  • 6666: The fourth digit will flash; this indicates that the code is 326.
  • 7777: There will be no flashing digits
  • 8888: The second digit will flash; this indicates that the code is 3826, and you may proceed to enter the door.

This procedure will unlock the first and second doors in less than two minutes. The third door has a 17-digit code, but employing the prior approach will take no more than five minutes if you note the flashing numbers.

Detail Of Viscera Cleanup Door Code – Reward

Each closed door leads to a new chamber, and certain goods are only found there, so let’s see what you can find:

  • 1st Locked Door: Slosh-O-Matic Bucket dispenser, What A Load Bin dispenser, item disposal trapdoor, and several crates, barrels, and garbage cans. Additionally, this door provides access to the third door.
  • 2nd Locked Door: Bob’s “collection,” but there are also additional passageways within that have been opened. There is a tunnel to the left; using the red keycard, enter the door, and you will discover a shotgun and a green breastplate, as well as another of Bob’s notes.
  • 3rd Locked Door has a toilet and the corpses of previous janitors and contains a letter from Bob.

Kleptocats 2 safe codes

Kleptocats 2 safe codes
Kleptocats 2 safe codes
  • Safe Code #1-The master appears in Safe Code #1. (This one is discovered by deciphering the Morse Code message written on the wall above the stairwell.)
  • Safe Code #2-This is a fictitious account (you will need the Telephone to use this one)
  • Safe Code #3-Code de sécurité numéro trois He is in this location (You will need the Newspaper to use this one)
  • Safe Code #4-20-055 is the security code. (To use this one, you will need the Ticket and the Coffee Cup.)

Death Of The Outsider Safe Codes

Mission 1 – One Last Fight (1 Safe)

The lone safe for this assignment is located in the Bookmaker’s flat directly across from the Albarca Baths. You may climb through the window, guards near the docks, or use the key in the bucket, shelf outside to open the main entrance across the street from the Abarca Baths.

Mission 2 – Adhere to the Ink (1 Door, 2 Safes)

The first combination lock you’ll encounter is not on a safe but the rear entrance of the Black Market. To get access, destroy the wooden “Report All Theft” sign to the right of the contracts board, revealing a grate behind it that may be used with Foresight.

Fly through the vent to the rear area, then turn right. On the wall next to the door, a blackboard will display the lock’s combination in huge numerals. 

Mission 3 – Bank Robbery

The mission’s safes (and lockboxes) are all located at Dolores Michaels’ Bank. The three lockers are located in the Inner Atrium’s basement in the Archives and Lockboxes area.

Mission 4 – A Hole in the World

A Hole in the World
A Hole in the World

After touching the Eye of the Dead God, turn around, and you will see Malchiodi’s body in the distance. Take it for his key and return to his locked lodgings. On the wall will be a painting of the Outsider’s Mark and various other glyphs with accompanying numbers. Determine the three components of the mark; this will provide the code reading from left to right (962).


Hopefully, you have understood the game mission described above and find it convenient to apply it. Go ahead and use the dishonored 2 safe combinations and unlock the mission.

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